Monday, 8 March 2010

Paris day 2 – (05/03/2010)

I woke up at 8am this morning feeling surprisingly alert and awake; my sofa bed had been much more comfortable than expected and I’d managed to sleep straight through till my alarm!:) I did enjoy my complimentary breakfast of a croissant with butter and jam and two glasses of orange juice…didn’t really fancy the cheese and ham though!

I was thankful that we got a lift to ‘Les Arts Decoratifs’ where Lorna and I found some rather interesting things to look at. My least favourite part of the museum was a section full of campaign posters for problems such as AIDS and sex trafficking. Some of the imagery was rather disturbing!! The most enjoyable part of the m
useum however was a small section within the ‘Animal’ exhibition, which consisted of various items of clothing and accessories made from real animals. (There was also some animal shaped furniture within the collection). I am not ‘for’ using animal parts for fashion however I found those pieces fascinating.

I must confess that I was not a fan of the thigh high snakeskin heeled boots, however there was a hat that particularly stood out to me. A hat made out of a pheasant. Despite the unpleasantness shadowing the idea of wearing a stuffed bird on your head, it looked very elegant!

Down the street from ‘Les Arts Decortifs’ a catwalk had just ended and despite being extremely envious of the ‘important’ people strutting out of a building where it had been held, it was very exciting to see the models and photographers…I thought to myself “That’s where I want to be in 5 years”, (ambitious, I know).

After going to an impressive antique magazine and newspaper shop, which would have been a lot more interesting if the publications were in English and if it hadn’t been so busy…we headed back to the hotel. I was incredibly relieved to be back in my pyjamas bottoms and annoyed that I was in Paris and felt ill! So, instead of going back into town for a look around the Lavre museum, which I have already been to, and to have some tea, I bought myself 24hour internet from reception and sat on Skype to talk to Craig. Best 10 Euros I’ve ever spent!

We’re going to Versailles tomorrow! I am so excited – I love the story and lifestyle ideologies of Marie Antoinette and cannot wait to see her estate!

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