Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Vintage Chicks!

My mum found these old photographs at my Nan's house:)

I find it interesting how fashion really does just loop around in circles - most of the time when I buy something new and show my Mum it results in her saying, "I used to have a jumper like that", or, "that was in fashion when I was your age!" It's almost annoying to hear your mother tell you that she's 'been there, done that' before you...but now i've seen proof! Take for example this lovely jumper she bought me as a surprise from ebay:

Now look at a photo of her, 19 years of age with her mum, wearing a very similar '80's style' jumper:

Here's a photo of me wearing mine in a photograph with my lovely Mummy to!:)

Furthermore, my latest purchase of shoes...black leather brogue/dance style shoes:

And hers...


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