Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sexy Motherpucker!

   As promised, my friend and I tested out my new lip gloss!

   I took the second photograph 10 minutes after applying the lip gloss - It feels a little odd when you put it on but I quite liked the sensation! It feels like pins and needles on your lips! It's not overly obvious but it definitely smooths your lips and makes them look slightly poutier; they do feel slightly fatter anyway!

Friday, 23 April 2010


   I received a parcel today - it was a 'Soap & Glory' lip gloss that i'd got from ebay which, supposedly enlarges the size of your lips and makes them 'poutier'. I'm going out tonight and my friend and I are planning to try it out so I shall let you know if it works!

   I also went shopping (again) today and popped into TOPSHOP to browse the sale. I must say it was the best sale i've seen since moving to Southampton - for some reason the sales here seem to be rather small and unimpressive. I managed to get my mits on a cute little cropped t-shirt which is covered in bows. I wouldn't usually go for something like it but I couldn't resist the £8 price and also thought it would look nice worn on the beach over my bikini. (It looks a lot nicer on than it does in the photo!)

   I also bought two pairs of socks, cos I love exciting socks, (£1 a pair), and a very summery blue anchor necklace for £4.50.

    I tried on a couple more items but nothing really stood out to me apart from a pair of shorts of which the zip at the back was broken so I couldn't buy!:(

   Zara is a shop that I don't usually buy from as I sometimes find the sizing odd however I was rather impressed today. I saw quite a few things that I liked, for example an oversize t-shirt with a tiger on the front. I held back buying the shop however and limited myself to one t-shirt which I immediately fell in love with as soon as I saw it and even more so when I tried it on!

   I will get a photo of me wearing it up soon so you can see it's full potential! I plan to wear it out tonight tucked into a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts however it also looked really good with my skinny jeans! (£16.99) My boyfriend who's been on the prowl for t-shirts that not EVERYONE has, also made a purchase and bought a grey long sleeved top showing a photo of a giraffe infront of a city landscape:)

   I bought some more presents for my Mum as it's her 40th birthday tomorrow! (We're going over to the Isle of White to stay in a holiday cottage - very excited!) And lastly, my final purchase was a nice big 'Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland' poster for my bedroom wall!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Southampton Marina.

As it was such a beautiful day today, my friend Reese and I decided to go for an early evening walk along the Marina and take some photographs:)

(Wildlife jumper £14 - Vintage shop in Southampton)

(Eiffel tower top from TOPSHOP, skirt £35 from TOPSHOP and love heart tights £8 from Accessorize)


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shopping with Summer in mind!

My student loan came through the other day and so I decided to go shopping in Southampton in hope of finding some summer-wear! My trip was relatively succsessful in that I managed to spend £120!! (Eeek!)
Recently I've read over and over again in magazines such as 'Elle' and 'Look' about how pastel nail colour is fashionable this summer...and this time i've decided to follow the trend cos I think it's wonderful! I was a little disappointed cos I was unable to find any pink to complete my pastel look, (I may have to have a sneaky peek on ebay!) - but I did find a lovely blue and also yellow in the '17 collection'.

The colours are great but it was pretty tricky to apply - it's rather thick and doesn't spread evenly because it dries quickly and just goes sticky! May take a few practises to get used to applying it I guess! (From Boots - 2 for £5)

Another purchase was this lovely ring which I had seen in Accessorize last month but they only had one size left...luckily this time they only had one left but it was in my size! (Don't you just love it when that happens!?)

Accessorize £5 (Bargain)

Some of my purchases were a little boring...I decided to buy a pair of 'sensible' shorts for summer! They were from H&M and are 'boyfriend' cut which I like because they don't make my bottom look MASSIVE! Also they were only £17.99:)

You've all seen these tights...

...I bought a pair from Topshop about a month ago for £10 or something silly (and they've already laddered and despite being 'one-size' they are far too short in length!) ; yesterday I bought a 'back-up' pair from Primark for £2!

May favourite buy of the day was this lovely Topshop skirt, £35 (- student discount:P)

I need to experiment with what to wear it with yet...I think I may wear it out this evening:) I like the heart detail on the buttons, oh, and there are pockets at the back!

I also bought my Mum a birthday present, I shan't say what it is on here in case she has a cheeky read of my blog and sees! And I also got something for my boyfriend...just because - I like buying presents! It's a beautiful day today...I think I may wear those 'boring' emergency shorts!


Friday, 16 April 2010

Full Circle - Rosie Huntington Whiteley

I have always had a particular interest in Rosie because she grew up in the same town as me, Tavistock, and we went to the same College. I remember seeing her walk past when I was in year 7 or 8 - she looked tall and beautiful, and my friend who was in her year at the time said, 'That's Rosie, she's really stuck up because she's a model'. Who can blame her I guess!? She's a very successful and not to mention LUCKY girl. I used to talk to her brother rather a lot and we went to the aquarium together once, small world! Obviously he's just as pretty - like Rosie but with blonde hair and about 6'10!

Anyway, I came across these new 'Full Circle Clothing' advertisements in which Rosie, and a nice tattooed young man are modelling and thoroughly enjoyed them, hope you do to :)


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Vogue China

I came across these, front row view had posted them in a facebook status, and found them enchanting!

Model: Natalia Vodianova
Photography: Paolo Roversi
Styled by: Nicoletta Santoro
Photos: Vogue China May 2010

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Unfortunately I've been i'll since returning to Southampton on Sunday so have only just got around to actually doing anything and therefore being able to blog about something worthwhile! I went out to the park today with the lovely miss Kate Munro to take some photographs for her Magazine Design project for which she is looking at 'Romance' in fashion. We did take some photos in the park...however we also got 'hassled' by some of the strange folk who live about Southampton! Scary we finished the shoot off in Kate's room using a sheet and her cream coloured wall!

Here are some of the photos, enjoy :)


Sunday, 11 April 2010


I recently discovered a small/independent company called 'Merrimaking' - (or, they discovered me more like, and added me on Facebook.)

'Merrimaking' is run by two recent graduates from Nottingham (UK) called Meg and Harri and they make and sell animal hoods! As a customer you are able to choose the type of animal you would like your hood to resemble and also the style of lining you'd like - this means there's a hood for everyone! You are also able to choose whether you would like an unlined light-weight hood, a lined hood or a hood designed by you - you request what you want and they'll make it!

I chose to make my hood a 'Grey wolf' as I have a teeny obsession with wolves/huskys so felt it appropriate:) I then went for 'Retro lining' to finish it off and make it toasty! It's nearly summer now...but I definitely recommend getting yourself a hood for next winter! - Stylish, yet practical!

If you'd like to get yourself a hood click HERE !

And don't forget to become a fan of their Facebook page HERE !!!


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"Nicey nicey zoo zoo - fun for me and fun for you!"

I went to Paignton zoo yesterday with some friends - I had been before but not since I was a little girl! Luckily, the weather was surprisingly nice considering we were in Devon! No rain! :) Here are some photos for you to have a gander at:

(Nathan, Carl and Deanne...and a goat!)

(Deanne, Carl and me...and a goat!)

(A beautiful Tiger!)

(Red Panda!)

(Me and my slush puppy)

Monday, 5 April 2010

New Boots

TOPSHOP £35.00


Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Notebook

The Notebook

I believe that when the story from a fictional book is taken and made into a film, that that story is stripped of its magic. Each person who reads that book will visualise something completely different from everyone else as they flick through the pages – an entire world created in their own mind for only them to see. It is for this reason that I hate to watch a film after reading the book, (though sometimes curiosity gets the best of me), and I generally don’t read a book after watching the film first. The Notebook however, was an exception to this rule of mine.

I first watched the Notebook a couple of years ago with my best friend Ria who had already read the book, watched the film and insisted I needed to watch it to. I enjoyed the film and loved the story of young romance and the happy ending! So…a couple of years on and I decided to read the book, as it was only £2 on :)

The writing style is good and I was surprised as to how alike the film the book was when usually filmmakers have to cut so much important information out of the story in order to make the film! This may be because of how short the book is – an aspect I liked as it is just the right length and is a nice, easy and relaxing read. Furthermore, I think that the director of the ‘Notebook’ the film has done an excellent job in choosing the cast, as I felt comfortable imagining Allie and Noah as the film portrays them.

Generally the books I read are written in female first person however it did not make the story any less emotionally powerful as I imagined it to reading a love story from a males perspective. Rather than being able to relate to a female character and understanding her emotions, I found myself wishing to be loved by someone as much as Noah loves Allie!

Their ‘summer romance’ isn’t covered very thoroughly in the book and it seems to me more about them being reunited and Noah’s struggle as an elderly man. The ending was extremely sad and admittedly I cried! But despite the ‘Notebook’ being a sad tale it didn’t leave me feeling down, as the strongest emotion portrayed in the book is love, not sadness.

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