Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shopping with Summer in mind!

My student loan came through the other day and so I decided to go shopping in Southampton in hope of finding some summer-wear! My trip was relatively succsessful in that I managed to spend £120!! (Eeek!)
Recently I've read over and over again in magazines such as 'Elle' and 'Look' about how pastel nail colour is fashionable this summer...and this time i've decided to follow the trend cos I think it's wonderful! I was a little disappointed cos I was unable to find any pink to complete my pastel look, (I may have to have a sneaky peek on ebay!) - but I did find a lovely blue and also yellow in the '17 collection'.

The colours are great but it was pretty tricky to apply - it's rather thick and doesn't spread evenly because it dries quickly and just goes sticky! May take a few practises to get used to applying it I guess! (From Boots - 2 for £5)

Another purchase was this lovely ring which I had seen in Accessorize last month but they only had one size left...luckily this time they only had one left but it was in my size! (Don't you just love it when that happens!?)

Accessorize £5 (Bargain)

Some of my purchases were a little boring...I decided to buy a pair of 'sensible' shorts for summer! They were from H&M and are 'boyfriend' cut which I like because they don't make my bottom look MASSIVE! Also they were only £17.99:)

You've all seen these tights...

...I bought a pair from Topshop about a month ago for £10 or something silly (and they've already laddered and despite being 'one-size' they are far too short in length!) ; yesterday I bought a 'back-up' pair from Primark for £2!

May favourite buy of the day was this lovely Topshop skirt, £35 (- student discount:P)

I need to experiment with what to wear it with yet...I think I may wear it out this evening:) I like the heart detail on the buttons, oh, and there are pockets at the back!

I also bought my Mum a birthday present, I shan't say what it is on here in case she has a cheeky read of my blog and sees! And I also got something for my boyfriend...just because - I like buying presents! It's a beautiful day today...I think I may wear those 'boring' emergency shorts!


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