Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Trend Report: Printed trousers


Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 7 (Last day/Midsummers day)

 I am writing this from my room back in Southampton. On my last night we went to a party which was put on by the German company my Dad works with. At the party we had a BBQ and drank free alcohol, (pear cider) and then got a taxi into the town centre where we went out to the one and only night club in Rauma, 'Apollo'...it was an experience!

There was something about it that made it obviously not English. It may have been the way people dressed...people were not so 'dressed up' and there were some very strange 'looks' going on! The music was BAD...almost Oceana'esque' with the odd Finnish song thrown in! Although a bit out of my comfort zone I enjoyed being amidst so many different nationalities and spoke to German's, Fins and also a few people from Sweden. 

Overall my experience of Finland was a good one:) I am tempted to go back in the winter to see what it's like there with all the snow! (Ice fishing, Husky sledge rides etc). I am particularly interested in going further up north in Finland to Lapland where the Northern Lights can be seen in on clear nights.

The music scene interested me, as did their fashion. Rock music is very popular over there and so is the gothic/rock/punk look! This may be, and probably is, connected to the long dark winters.


Day 6 (Midsummers eve)

I can't believe my time in Finland is almost over! Sophia and I got lost today! We tried to find the supermarket and managed to wander off somewhere out of town! We returned to the house 2 hours later still without any lunch!

In the evening we went to a BBQ at one of my Dad's colleagues houses, he had a lovely house and we were lucky enough to see the moon rise.


Day 5

Today we had a relaxed day sunbathing and reading which was nice. Sophia and I then went to the supermarket and bought ingredients to cook for Dad and Michelle. We ended up making a chicken dish with rice and stuffed peppers, yum!

Day 4

Today we went to the city Turku and Sophia and I attempted to do a bit of shopping...however we couldn't find many shops! I managed to buy a bargain pair of baby blue summer shorts in H&M for €7 though!

After eating lunch on a boat, (unfortunately for me Finland like fish a lot so my lunch mainly consisted of salad), we had a wander around and looked at the buildings. We also got an ice cream and sunbathed by the river:)

Finnish cities are interesting in that in comparison to the cities we're used to in England etc...they are more like large towns! Everything is so spaced out and relaxed in Finland!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 3

Today I went kayaking - i'm not a large adventure sports fan but I actually quite enjoyed it! (I have kayaked before when I was eleven and did a small bit of canoeing in South Africa when I was fifteen but not since, so it was all new to me!)


Day 2

I awoke this morning feeling groggy and confused. It was 10.00am yet because of the black out windows it was pitch black so seemed like midnight! I opened a window and sunlight poured in. I spent today looking around Rauma, it's a very small and pretty town. The buildings are worn and wooden just like Dad's house.

Later in the afternoon we went to the supermarket where Sophia and I were excited by all of the different flavours of cider! I came away with strawberry, pomegranate, melon & mango and kiwi! I also bought a Finnish Elle.

FINLAND - The Journey/Day 1

My train to London Waterloo wasn't until 8.55 in the evening therefore I got up at a decent time and spent my day leisurely; meeting a friend for lunch, reading Harry Potter, and packing.

I felt sad leaving my room and walking to the station. I know I would be back in only a week but even so, everytime I leave Southampton I feel as though I am leaving a tiny piece of myself behind. Moreover, for the majority of my journeys made to the trainstation I am accompanied by my boyfriend. Unfortunately he had already left Southampton and returned to Somerset ready for Glastonbury festival, and so I start my adventure to Finland alone. At Waterloo I am greeted by a friendly face - Sophia, my Auntie and friend, joins me on my journey. It is 11.00pm.

Three tube rides, one train and one coach later we finally reach Stansted ariport. It is now 3.00am.

I don't take Sophia's suggestion that we sleep on the airport floor seriously until we enter Standsted and I see countless exhausted bodies littering the edges of the airport. At about 4.00am I reluctantly get down onto the cold, hard floor, rest my head on my bag and close my eyes. I wake up about an hour later light headed and with a dead arm.

I'll be honest, I am not a keen flyer, and once on the plane at 7.00am I silently beg myself to fall asleep before the take off, but anticipation keeps me awake, (and the uncomfortable Ryanair seats), and so I sit wide awake...waiting. I manage about an hour and a half of disturbed sleep on the plane before opening my eyes to the welcoming sight of Finland: Lakes and Forests galore.

I am writing this at half past eight, (Finnish time), after a sleepy day of looking around the city Tampere and then travelling a further two hours to the oldest town in Finland, Rauma, where my Dad lives. Their flat is lovely. Despite being old it's interior is cute and modern.

 So far, Finland has made a good first impression.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Festival favourites!

For the full article click here:


Sunday, 13 June 2010

What I wore yesterday

T-shirt - Topshop, £22 from Brighton
Trousers - New Look, £25 from Brighton
Shoes - Vintage, £18 from Brick Lane, London


Thursday, 10 June 2010

What I wore to the beach today...


Sunday, 6 June 2010



Saturday, 5 June 2010

My summer nails


Brick Lane

I am officially in love with Brick Lane, London. I went there for the first time on Thursday and although sceptical at first due to the rough areas around it...was in awe by the Vintage stores and quirky little places to eat!

Shortly after stepping onto Brick lane I was approached and asked to be interviewed for a new programme on Sky showbiz called 'Summer street style'...that definitely rose my spirits!:) I will post the link to the interview on here if it's put up, (I was told end of June).

Down Brick Lane I bought a pair of 80's style high waisted shorts £18.00 and a blue high waisted striped skirt £14.00 from the shop, Rokit, which also have an online store. (Click here for the Rokit online store). They actually have 2 stores down Brick Lane, one bigger than the other...and something Craig commented on was how good the music was being played in them! - The retro music created a really great atmosphere whilst shopping! (It was like this in all the Vintage stores down Brick Lane).

I next came across a shop called The Vintage Store from which I bought a pair of cute little shoes for £18.00!

Before leaving Brick Lane we went to Rough Trade records which Craig was very excited about! And we got these photos :D Craig also got Stornoway's new album who're definitely worth checking out!

From Brick Lane we took the metro to Kensington to have a look around the museums. Obviously in the V&A I went straight to the Fashion exhibit! The piece which most caught my interest was an Alexander McQueen dress from his S/S 2010 collection, his last ever collection.

We then went to the Natural History museum where the dinosaurs were the most interesting! (It also got Craig in the mood to watch Jurassic Park!)

We decided to be healthy and walk from Kensington, (where by the way the houses are exquisite, across Hyde Park to Oxford street. It was a very long walk!! But...worth it as we got to experience Hyde park which was lovely - like being in the countryside...right in the middle of London! I would definitely like to go back and spend a day relaxing in Hyde park - after a bit of shopping of course!

By the time we'd got to the top of Oxford street we were running out of time and so rushed straight to Urban outfitters where I got a bag £30.00 -

Then we went to Topshop, (starting with Topman), and I got a playsuit by Dahlia - £55.00

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