Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I am a rubbish blogger...

I do not blog enough!! Hopefully my life will get more interesting soon and I will then have more to talk about!

I went for an interview for work experience at Northstar a few weeks back. Luckily the route from Waterloo station to the studio wasn't too complex so if (fingers crossed) I do get experience I shouldn't get lost: 1 change on the tube - 5 minute walk from the tube station :)

The studio itself is in a quiet area in Islington in a basement! It was NOT what I expected...better than I expected actually. Everyone shared one large room as an office - all mac users I was pleased to see...music was playing, there were magazines everywhere, pictures on the walls...an all around nice and relaxed atmosphere!

I really hope I get an offer from them - in just going for an interview and SEEING a taster of what life may one day be like I got excited and couldn't wait to graduate!!

Apart from that not much exciting has happened...I visited Devon over the weekend which was lovely. I spent Friday with my friends, Saturday with my family and then Sunday with my Dad (and more family) who I has only just returned from working in Finland and who I don't see very often so that was fun!

I got a few vintage finds whilst at home:

 Snake bracelet found on Tavistock market £4.50

 Bag from a charity shop in Yelverton, £1

Boots £1 from a charity shop on Yelverton...£1!!!!!

I didn't get time to go around the charity shops in Tavistock which was a shame but I did get a few bits from a jumble sale in Walkhampton and also my Auntie gave me some things! (For example my Dad's old fire service jumper!)

I find that everytime I go home recently I don't want to return to Southampton...I think it's because as well as missing my family obviously, it's so nice to not have any responsibilities! At home I can just read all day if I like and don't have to worry about work/uni/money/boyfriend...you know...and it's so nice to be back with old friends who I have history with.

But, I guess you always want what you can't have...so not point in dwelling on not being there and should just enjoy my time in Southampton!

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