Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Dykeenies Live @ Talking heads, for the more serious stuff

With Blonde Louis setting the tone as support band, the four-piece from Glasgow put on a spectacular show last night, bringing talented musical sounds to Southampton. In recently releasing their second album, 'Canyon of Echoes', The Dykeenies performed a well proportioned mix of old and new songs pleasing everyone in the crowd and getting an enthusiastic response. With an energetic atmosphere the band performed passionately whilst those watching danced and sang along.

Although the venue didn't fill half as much as they deserved, the friendly feel set by Brian as he bantered with the audience combined with the breathtaking sounds which bounced around the room, filled the gaps easily. Making every second count, towards the end of the show Brian sang so forcefully, and the band played so hard that you could simply feel the exhaustion radiating off of them - but in a good, powerful way. 

An overall beautiful, striking set from The Dykeenies as always with favourite songs like 'Clean up your eyes' making the crowd go wild! Their sound can't be faulted and neither can their live performances - it's a mystery as to how they've been kept in the dark so long with such a unique burst of creativity. But maybe that's a good thing, that they haven't been snapped up by a money making record label and plastered all over radio one. Maybe that's why The Dykeenies are so stunningly good and why they've kept their individuality right the way through into their second album.

Praise for The Dykeenies!

***I just remembered that I have their set list from the Exeter show I went to a few years ago tucked away in a drawer somewhere! Those were the days...Got myself a signed copy of their latest album as well, (I waited to buy it directly from them at a show so they'd make more money), you should all go and buy it pronto!


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