Thursday, 27 October 2011

What I wore when

Today I spent my morning writing an essay, which I need to finish off this evening, and then headed to uni in the afternoon. I wore an animal pattern jumper tucked into a high waisted American Apparel skirt with a pair of leggings and boots. I had to wear a coat over the top as despite being really hot and muggy recently it's also been raining really heavily on and off. Very annoying as my hair looks ridiculous as soon as it gets the slightest bit wet!:(

I got these boots from River Island last winter and have since been wearing them as my 'bad weather' boots but unfortunately they've now started to break...what an excellent excuse to buy a new pair of boots!

I know it's a strange thing to 'recommend' but if you get a chance then I really do think you should pop into Primark, (dangerous I know), and get yourself a pair of these £4 leggings! I um'd and ah'd about buying them whilst in I NEED another pair of leggings? Luckily I decided to get them and have since discovered that they're not only practical, especially as they have a little hole your heel slips in to to keep them from riding up, but they're SO warm and comfortable!

I wore this coat to is not waterproof.

Jumper: H&M (Gift)
Skirt: American Apparel 
Leggings: Primark
Boots: River Island
Coat: £3 Charity shop


  1. I really love this whole outfit. Sorry to hear about the awful weather, at least you cute while the muggy and annoying weather is happening. The horse pattern on your jumper is really lovely. :)

    Wild Flower

  2. You look lovely, the sweater is amazing!

  3. nice pattern! love your style!! ♥

    xoxo, Izzaura

  4. cute sweater!and i love your hair and style:))


  5. Love your shoes. Your style is awesome


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