Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Today I made a delicious lunch to cheer my sniffly, stressed and run down self up. I sat and watched this weeks episode of America's Next Top Model and had a brie and bacon bagel, yum! Does anyone have a favourite to win by the way? I've just realised I really do need to spend less time blogging and more time getting uni work done tut on that note...

What I wore today

Jeans: £10 Topshop sale (AGES ago)
Jumper: Vintage Beatnik Emporium
Peter Pan boots: A gift


Young Forever Jewellery

I came across this online jewellery shop whilst browsing on Lookbook, and I have to tell you, it's the best thing since sliced bread! I once owned a beautiful deer head ring, literally the most special, 'me' piece of jewellery I've ever had, and I lost it about a year ago. I was devastated and still can't figure out where on earth it went! It was from Topshop, I don't remember how much for....

 My original Topshop ring

Then I stumbled across Young Forever, and saw a near identical design of ring for just £2.50. I was understandably delighted and put it in my 'basket' without hesitation! On inspection the only major difference I can distinguish is that my new one doesn't have such sharp antlers, which is a good thing!

I also chose a very eighties inspired triangle necklace which was just £2.50 as well! Their passion is to "source out jewellery that doesn't cost a fortune and which can be enjoyed by everyone"! The postage was super fast and the prices are unbelievable - what's not to like!?

Check it out for yourselves HERE!

Christmas with Very!

I KNOW I'm supposed to be penny watching, but sometimes I just can't help but browse online shops to see what I'm missing out on! Whilst 'window shopping' I couldn't help but notice the effort that have made to make their website festive and fun, and through the sparkles is a selection of party dresses to give the Gossip Girl stylist a run for his money ;)

I like that they sell the brand Love Label as I've always enjoyed their style of clothing - it's just something a bit different that you can't pick up on the high street. Just for fun, below I've put together a mock NYE outfit from the Very winter range!

Love Label £39 (Get the look HERE)

Love label star tights £12 for two pairs

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Looking beautiful in Christopher Kane, Alexa Chung won the style award at the British Fashion Awards last night for the second year running....and did this come as a surprise? NO! Alexa Chung is noticeably the best dressed celeb in the industry. With her slouchy casual cardigans and high waisted skirts, she gets the balance of girly and tomboyish just right; a look that has taken the fashion world by storm. Everyone wants a bit of Alexa.

With such a unique and effortless beauty, I truly believe that if someone else owned the exact same wardrobe as her, they still wouldn't even be close to achieving her look - she possesses something you just can't teach! It's a very 'English' style, a look that I really admire, it's so elegant, classic and modest.

What's more is it even possible to look bad with legs like hers!?

Geeky, classy, androgynous, girly, elegant, English, effortless and unique, Alexa Chung really is a style icon and I'm happy that she won the British style award last night. I do hope you've enjoyed looking at these lovely images of her, all of which were sourced from her facebook fan page.


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MODEL: Jade McSorley

Remember her? 

Jade McSorley: by far my favourite contestant to ever appear on a top model show. 3rd runner up in BNTM 2009, Jade was eliminated due to her thin frame and eating disorder past - which was ridiculous as they shouldn't have let her through in the first place if that was a problem and she was by far the strongest participant. I saw her featured in Vogue style files the other month and was reminded of how lovely she was!

Standing at just 5'8", Jade is a perfect example of a normal girl, who isn't strikingly tall, who's made it into the modelling world. What's stuck with me most about her appearance on BNTM, besides her stunning selection of photographs of course, is her great sense of style. I'm pretty certain she kicked off the 'geek chic' trend, (perhaps with a little help from Alexa Chung), and I sometimes still think about an amazing pair of platform sandals she used to wear to panel! Sensational fashion sense combined with a charming, coy personality and cheeky grin makes heck of a top model!

    All images sourced from

Midnight Mischief!

Last night before bed I decided to have a little play around with my camera and took these strange images using my a lamp, my boyfriend and a bunny mask. I'd like to experiment with this dingy light situation some more....maybe with a clown as the subject, that could look creepy!

I'm a bit worried about the eldest of my pet rats 'Twiggy', she hasn't been herself for the past few days and she's never been the healthiest of pets! She's currently snuggling under my duvet by my knee, whilst Elfin, (the younger rat), is climbing on my bookshelf and trashing everything!0_o 


My Favourite Autumn Colours

As mentioned earlier this evening, my favourite colours this autumn are black, navy and maroon or dark reds - I find they look very 'rich'. I'm also a fan of faux fur in accessories; I got this hat from Topshop a few months ago and I think it's probably the most worn thing in my entire wardrobe already! I'll be gutted in summer when it'll be too hot to wear it!

 Faux Fur hat: £22 Topshop
The Cure tee: £40 Beatnik Emporium
Navy blazer: £2 Charity shop in Devon
Vintage scarf: £8 Charming Magpies
Boots: New Look
Faux Fur trim gloves: Primark

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Glamorous Gothic Trend

I mentioned this dress a couple of days ago but wasn't able to photograph it properly for you until today. I've shown it strapless here but you can actually add straps - it looks good both ways! It fits like a glove and the subtle velvety, rose design makes it unique in my wardrobe which is already overcrowded with vintage finds. 

Since dying my hair dark I've really had my eyes opened to the possibilities of black clothing and other dark colours. Before, when my hair was blonde, my wardrobe was full of bright blues and greens and the thought of wearing a plain black dress would have scared me! This season however I'm all about black, navy, maroon and velvet. Gothic is very in this season - a look that I am most certainly embracing this year!  

Vintage party dress: £35 Charming Magpies
Creepers: £60 Ebay 

If you're feeling a little drawn to the dark side as well at the moment then Topshop have such a great selection of glamorous Gothic dresses available. I particularly like the glitter dot one below; I saw it in the Southampton store on Friday and it's SO SO lovely!

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Long VS Short

When I was 15-years-old I took a photo I'd found on myspace into the hairdressers and asked for a similar style. My hair was just past shoulder length and dirty blonde - the girl in the image had a short, choppy bob with all of her hair pushed forward into a large side fringe covering half of her face. I returned home with a pixie cut and pretty much NO fringe - inevitably, I was devastated.

6 years later at the age of 21, my hair still hasn't reached past shoulder length, yet I can't work out what it is that keeps me from growing it - maybe it's the easy upkeep that keeps me hooked? It takes me about a minute with the hairdryer to dry my mini do and I never get a face full of hair sticking to my lip gloss on blustery days. Whats more, I quite like the androgynous look. It takes us back to the days of Mod girls in the 60's, or the gender bending skin head girls who played around with ideas of feminism.

Image taken from

At least once a week I'll see someone with beautifully long hair and envy them, wishing I had long hair so that I could look 'pretty' to. But then, I guess I don't really do 'pretty', I would get bored of 'pretty' really easily. Short hair is edgier and can change your look completely. Take Emma Watson for example, she certainly wasn't a style icon until she cut all of her hair off into a sophisticated, smooth pixie chop!

Emma Watson for Vogue December 2010

Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams are also working the short hair trend at the moment....I just don't think they'd be the same without it, it gives them a certain cuteness. 

Carey Mulligan for Vogue US October 2010

Michelle Williams for Elle December 2011

Cutting your hair short can be a personal taste thing or a statement. Sometimes it's good to go against the norm and mix things up a bit...okay so media and society say that women should have long some of us cut it! If you do have long hair then I completely envy you, but for now at least I think I'll stick with my easy, edgy short style as I just simply DO NOT have the patience to grow it!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Shopping for Vintage

Today I went to Winchester to do some retail therapy with a friend. As some of you may already know, I LOVE Winchester, it's beautiful, so it was great to visit somewhere pretty for the day! We ate at Slug and Lettuce which was tasty - I got that delicious Rekorderlig Christmas cider again!

A sad Christmas Tree

Although I'm SUPPOSED to be saving money...I did make some purchases today. I shopped in vintage and charity shops however and so managed to get my mits on a dress, two shirts and a jacket all for just £50!

I got this dress from a quaint little vintage store called Charming Magpies. I actually first saw and fell in love with it about 6 months ago but didn't have the money at the time so left it....when I saw it again today, I knew it was meant to be! The straps are detachable to so shall have to try it out strapless soon. 

 Vintage dress: £35 Charming Magpies

After browsing in Charming Magpies, where my friend also bought a gorgeous black dress, we went into the charity shops along Parchment street and I found these three beauties! 

 Vintage cream blouse: £7.50 Cancer Research

Check shirt: £5 Cancer Research
 Blazer: £5 Charity shop (Don't remember which sorry!)

I'll try to get some outfit posts up as an when I wear these items...think I'm going to wear the blazer in a punkish style as the bright colours could make it look a little crazy! I'm going to my friend's flat tomorrow for a day of "wine and photos"...could be interesting!

What I wore
Faux fur hat: £22 Topshop
Sleeveless blouse: £25 Urban Outfitter
Cardigan: Vintage
Coat: £2 Charity sho
Jeans: £40 Topshop
Shoes: £40 NEXT 

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German Christmas Market

Yesterday evening some friends and I popped down to Southampton city center to check out the German Christmas market. To be honest its nothing special BUT there is a temporary pub in the middle of the high street which we wanted to try out! I got a hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys, yum yum!

After eating scrumptious German sausages, (behave people), we headed home and got dressed up ready to go out and bust some moves! My favourite song to dance to when I'm out is 'The Smiths - There is a light and it never goes out' - bloody love that song. My boyfriend nabbed this for me, it's now on my wall!

This is what I wore

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