Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Looking beautiful in Christopher Kane, Alexa Chung won the style award at the British Fashion Awards last night for the second year running....and did this come as a surprise? NO! Alexa Chung is noticeably the best dressed celeb in the industry. With her slouchy casual cardigans and high waisted skirts, she gets the balance of girly and tomboyish just right; a look that has taken the fashion world by storm. Everyone wants a bit of Alexa.

With such a unique and effortless beauty, I truly believe that if someone else owned the exact same wardrobe as her, they still wouldn't even be close to achieving her look - she possesses something you just can't teach! It's a very 'English' style, a look that I really admire, it's so elegant, classic and modest.

What's more is it even possible to look bad with legs like hers!?

Geeky, classy, androgynous, girly, elegant, English, effortless and unique, Alexa Chung really is a style icon and I'm happy that she won the British style award last night. I do hope you've enjoyed looking at these lovely images of her, all of which were sourced from her facebook fan page.


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  1. DEFINITELY my biggest style icon.. shame I'll never be able to re-create her quirky looks :(

    The Deer Head



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