Tuesday, 29 November 2011

MODEL: Jade McSorley

Remember her? 

Jade McSorley: by far my favourite contestant to ever appear on a top model show. 3rd runner up in BNTM 2009, Jade was eliminated due to her thin frame and eating disorder past - which was ridiculous as they shouldn't have let her through in the first place if that was a problem and she was by far the strongest participant. I saw her featured in Vogue style files the other month and was reminded of how lovely she was!

Standing at just 5'8", Jade is a perfect example of a normal girl, who isn't strikingly tall, who's made it into the modelling world. What's stuck with me most about her appearance on BNTM, besides her stunning selection of photographs of course, is her great sense of style. I'm pretty certain she kicked off the 'geek chic' trend, (perhaps with a little help from Alexa Chung), and I sometimes still think about an amazing pair of platform sandals she used to wear to panel! Sensational fashion sense combined with a charming, coy personality and cheeky grin makes heck of a top model!

    All images sourced from Models1.co.uk


  1. Thank you so much. These photos are great!

  2. thanks so much! just checked out your blog too, I really adore your style. and these models are amazing.


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