Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What I wore when

Today I went to Winchester for a fitting with Charming Magpies. I also paid a visit to Kylie Malcolm, we had lunch and chatted about the future prospects of her clothing company. I left the house wearing my bright green cardigan to contrast against this black on black look. Again, I wore my wine coloured faux fur hat, (which I refuse to take off anyway^_^), and these blue flats to give the outfit a pop of colour here, there and everywhere!

I love the bow and frill detail on the back of these socks, they were only £1 from Primark! I saw a friend wearing them in white the other day...may have to venture back into the store and pick up a few more pairs!

Black and leather detail blouse: £18 New look
(Worn with a black slip underneath)
Faux fur hat: £22 Topshop
Cardigan: Vintage, from a friend
Leggings, socks and animal ring all from Primark
Shoes £15 River Island

Whilst in Charming Magpies I couldn't resist having a browse. I was just on my way out of the shop when a beautiful colour jumped out at me from the shelf - a gorgeous vintage wine coloured scarf with a navy print. It's so silky and the inside is soft so it will be extremely warm and snuggly when we finally, if ever, get our winter! Also it will match pretty much everything in my wardrobe, love it :) 




  1. That hat belongs on your head and I don't see any reason you should have to stop wearing it. And I love the little fringe on your shoes.

    :D Maggie

  2. Awesome! I love your style!

  3. You are adorable. I love the hat, I don't blame you for not wanting to take it off. The detail of the blouse is mega gorgeous and I looooove the flats! BOW SOCKS ARE MY LOVE. I used to hate socks but then I realized how awesome they could be...Lovely ring and nail polish. You are just great!

  4. Hello Girl, I make a tour in your blog and I love your outfits, your world!
    I wish you a great continuation!!
    Kiss from France!


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