Monday, 19 December 2011

5 DAYS: Old Photographs

I've spent today looking and sorting through old photographs. When my Nan passed away we found a box, (with Elvis on the front), full of old photographs and also more recent ones of our family, so I'm on a mission to rearrange all of our family photo albums for my Mum so that I can include all of the ones we found at Nanny's house! Mum even went into town today to buy some brand new photo albums; does it make me boring that I enjoy doing this sort of thing!?

I find old photos fascinating, especially when its people you know! I love looking at all of the old fashions - my Mum has had some cracking eighties hairstyles in her time! Here are a selection of photos I found from when before I was born, so pre-1990s.

Please 'read more' below to see more photographs!


 This makes me laugh because my Mum (left) and her boyfriend at the time (right) have the same hair style! Good old 80's!

(Lovely shoes!)

 I love how beautiful my Mum looks in this photo!!

I hoped you enjoyed them! I'll leave you with one more photo which ties in with the jolly season! I found this image of me as a child sat with Santa....I don't remember what I asked for that year.



  1. cant beat some vintage family pics, in mine my mum has a big 80s perm and my dad has long hair and flared trousers haha (like your blog title btw 'fashion your seatbelts' I am a fan of a good pun)

  2. Oh my gosh! I love old photos. These are really lovely and look at those freckles! Thank you for sharing.

  3. No,your not weird!I love looking trought old photographs,especially those of my parents when they were young / little!(:

  4. dear toni, that was fun. i happen to enjoy looking at old photos too. :)

  5. wow, I lovedd these pics˜˜˜~they are such an inspiration!
    the clothes are amazing!!!

  6. Wow these are so precious! I love old photographs & looking at the fashion and things at the time!

    xx S

    Le Fanciulle

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  8. I love old photographs, these are so lovely! I need to show you the family album I have of really old photographs that was picked up from a charity shop xx

  9. WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love looking at old photos. I recently dug some out of my mum and she used to wear really cool clothes. Unfortunately it has all been thrown out now! Hurrmmmph.

  10. Beautiful post! I love old photos they always bring such a good memories! You were so cute!x


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