Friday, 2 December 2011

Artrocker Awards 2011

 Craig looking dapper

This morning I headed up to London for Artrocker Magazine's first ever awards event! Held at XOYO, a great venue which I hadn't been to before, not only did I get to rub shoulders with the likes of Ash Stymest, Gary Numan and Jen Long but two of the event sponsors were menswear brands displaying their latest collections in the gallery area - I always enjoy a good browse.

Contrasting drastically from yesterday, I've had an excellent, excitement filled day! The atmosphere at The Artrocker Awards was buzzing, and it gave me a jolting reminder of why I need to move to London next year, everything is so exciting there and the people are so interesting! My boyfriend and I didn't stay for the after party as we were both knackered and have work tomorrow, but before we left we grabbed some gift bags courtesy of Penguin and Farah Vintage:

Craig got a gorgeous green check shirt from Farah and a winter hat from Penguin and I got a rusty red tight knit polo shirt; I know it's menswear but I can't wait to wear it, it's very Mod. I also got a blue and brown trilby from Penguin....all in all a successful day.


Hmm, what did I wear to such an occasion!? With no dress code I decided to go vintage and wear my newly found cream blouse.

I wore this loosely over my reformed Levi's with polkadot tights and Topshop black flats. It was BLOOMING FREEZING outside and so I also wore a coat, scarf and hat...even then I wasn't warm enough :( Today was also the first time I got to wear my new jewellery from Young Forever!

(Both £2.50 each!!)



  1. Gorgeous outfit. Love the shirt and necklace :) Looks like a fun day x

  2. Ohhh such an amazing look, so cute xxx

  3. Lovely outfit! I almost got the same ring, I love it! :)


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