Thursday, 8 December 2011

What I Wore When

Last night my boyfriend, his housemates and I celebrated an early Christmas before we all go home for our uni break. For his main present I got Craig the Office edition of Monopoly because he loves the show and thought it would be a great game for us all to play during the cold, winter evenings when going out drinking seems too much like hard work! He loved it ^_^ We ate a roast dinner, exchanged gifts, played monopoly and listened to Christmas music!

Craig got me a dress, a vintage jumper, an egg cup set, chocolates, a little big planet key ring and some hazelnut syrup for my evening hot chocolates, yum yum - I desperately need some whipped cream and mini marshmallows now! Despite having a deadline on Wednesday for a project I've barely started, I spent today doing...well not a lot. I've had my pet rat Elfin out quite a lot as now that Twiggy's gone I don't want her to get lonely. She's so cute and funny!

Not ALL of my day was spent playing with Elfin however, I did get in to uni to hand in an essay and attend a meeting. I also popped to the nearest pet store to see if they had any female rats around Elfin's age...they didn't :/

What I Wore

As it was really cold, windy and rainy, (not a great combination), I wrapped up in my new jumper courtesy of Craig and my hat, coat and scarf! 

I love slouchy vintage jumpers, they're so practical for everyday wear but still look stylish!

Faux Fur hat: £22 Topshop
Faux fur collar: Asos sale last year
Jumper: Vintage (Early Christmas gift)
Boots: (Christmas gift from last year!)

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  1. what a lovely boyfriend!
    such thoughtful presents (that jumper is aaammaaazzzingg! )

    lucky girl, merrry chirstmas :) x


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