Thursday, 15 December 2011

What I wore When

Today after reuniting myself with my sewing machine, I popped into town with my boyfriend to get presents for his parents and also to buy my Dad's birthday present! (I shan't tell you what I got everyone JUST IN CASE they stumble across this post!) It was really cold - I hope it snows soon. Anyone else hoping for snow!?:D

What I wore

First off, I bought this little guy from Topman about two and a half years ago and tragically on a night out, one of his legs fell off! I feel as though I did the kind thing in pulling off the other one to even him out.

I wore both my new blouse and my new cardigan with a very old pair of Topshop skinny jeans which I got for just £10 in the sale! I tend to wear this coat a lot because it's lightweight and comfortable but the truth is - it really isn't that warm! I'm hoping to find myself a warm winter coat in a charity shop whilst I'm home in Devon.

Shirt: Cancer research, Winchester
Vintage cardigan: £14, Beatnik Emporium
Coat: £2 Charity Shop, Tavistock
Jeans: £10 Topshop
Boots: A gift from my boyfriend last Christmas


  1. Love your blog!
    kiss from

  2. Love your hat! I I've looking for something similar! I love these type of hats fow winter!x

  3. Your hat is perfect lovely :)

    Chelsea x


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