Friday, 25 March 2011


London Fashion Weekend February 2011
London Fashion Weekend February 2011

London Fashion Weekend February 2011

London Fashion Weekend February 2011

London Fashion Weekend February 2011 - Leigh in Costa

Amanda & Emily on a night out at Unit

Elliot & Craig on a night out at Unit 

Craig DJ'ing at Unit
The cathedral by Borough market & some flats near Bond street
Borough Market 


The one that got away

Topshop £55

Tried this playsuit on a few weeks ago. It's lovely, wish I could afford it!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Annie Greenabell's Wall of Fame.

There I am.

Model Watch

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New Jacket

You know one of those shopping experiences where you just know that an item of clothing is meant to go home with you...well today I found this jacket. This is a jacket that I had seen and fallen in love with about two months previously and today it was in the sale, size 10, £18 reduced from £85...I believe that it was meant to be! (Luckily I had a friend with me to prompt me to buy it despite having no money!)

Topshop £18

Saturday, 19 March 2011

An Evening Away

Yesterday I went to London to visit my Dad. In the evening he, his girlfriend Michelle, her friend Jo and me went to eat at a restaurant called 'Indali Lounge' which offers healthy Indian food by using alternative ingredients such as yoghurt instead of cream. The atmosphere was lovely, the service was excellent - we were given a glass of water each, a selection of poppadoms and dips and a soup dish all for free before our starters. 

Despite being low fat, the food was delicious and so were the drinks! I had two cocktails: a watermelon mojito and an apple mojito...yum yum!

Following our meal we went in search of a pub or bar to continue our evening and ended up stumbling across an 'old man pub' as I would call was small with a friendly atmosphere and it LITERALLY was an old man pub with a small group of old men and women stood in the corner around a piano singing!! Very surreal. 

When the bar stopped serving we moved on to an apparently well known prestigious bar/club, (which I can't remember the name of), which was nice. HOWEVER - why does everywhere around the posh area of London close to early!? We were back at the flat by 1am because EVERYWHERE was closed! The bar man described the area as 'too poncey' and suggested Soho...buuut we couldn't be bothered!

The next morning we got up early and ate bacon sandwiches before going to Borough market

I didn't even know such a market existed! I walked around with a glass of champagne and tried things such as mushroom pate and all sorts of cheeses: very exciting! 

After a long walk in the sun along South bank I left my dad and co and walked over to Somerset House to meet Leigh and her friend from the 'Pick Me Up' exhibition. From there we walked to Costa and sat with warm food and drinks waiting for our coach home. 

As always, it was lovely to get away from Southampton for the weekend and I saw some lovely parts of London:)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Urban Outfitters Spring/Summer 2011 Look Book


Monday, 14 March 2011

10 Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

 (My Mum with my little sister, Jennifer)

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Behind Scenes at Fashion Week

For weeks now the excited buzz of London Fashion Week has filled our worlds with tweets, facebook statuses and blog updates. Each day we see the same image with a different dress from a different designer – but what happens backstage behind the beauty?

With 65 catwalk shows and 45 salon shows and presentations taking place over a period of six days, the number of people needed to make the magic happen on the other side of the catwalk is large. Designers, assistants, stylists and hair and makeup teams are just a few examples of the sorts of people who’re needed to put together a single show, and let’s not forget all of those dedicated, unpaid interns. Why are there so few articles about all of the hard work that goes on behind the flawless fashion we see on the catwalk? What is fashion hiding?

Amanda Betts is a 21-year-old fashion student and employee of the popular brand FCUK from Southampton who was lucky enough to intern with PPQ this season.

    “I was a studio assistant”, says Amanda who helped to put together the final collection in time for the show at London Fashion Week. “My duties whilst working with PPQ included pattern cutting, sewing and running errands.”

    “I also worked backstage on the evening of the show, adding any final finishing touches to the collection and dressing the models in between changes.”

Along with the other interns working for PPQ, she tells me that there were 12 in total assisting in the studio prior to the show, Amanda was one of the lucky few who got to see the collection transform beautifully from a caterpillar into a butterfly. But does this take the fun out of fashion? Is the surprise factor of a collection you’ve never seen before more exhilarating than seeing one you helped to prepare? Or is the experience of creation and preparation just too inspiring to miss?

Laura Baker is an 18-year-old student from London currently studying an art foundation at Chelsea Collage of Art and Design. Laura tells me how she prefers the atmosphere backstage to watching the show itself:

    “Backstage you get an insight into all the mundane and insignificant details of fashion and the sheer amount of hardworking people that are involved to put the show together.” 

Laura, like Amanda worked backstage for PPQ on the night of the show and also worked backstage at the Mark Fast show.  

21-year-old student, Zoe Whitfield from Southampton however thinks the opposite of Laura, saying that although backstage is a more thrilling experience; she prefers to sit and watch the show.

    “This season I was writing up show reports for a magazine called Who’s Jack. I was at London Fashion Week for five days – on the Friday I was there for 12 hours! I was just going to shows and then writing up reports in the press area which went straight up on to the magazine’s website.”

Zoe also interviewed designer Paul Costelloe in regards to his pop-up shop at John Lewis on Oxford street which he’d set up to coincide with Fashion Week. “I also did some street style work for the magazine, which involved standing around outside Somerset House ‘style spotting’ with a photographer. I have worked backstage in the past, but I didn’t this year.”

So what actually happens backstage? On the side of the catwalk the models are composed, the clothes are glamorous and everything is, well, perfect. But is that always the case? Is fashion 24 hours a day of glitz and glamour or does it loose its flawless charm behind closed doors when nobody’s watching?

    “There is a lot of hard work and chaos involved in creating that beautifully, flawless image”, shares Laura. “The models have about ten seconds to switch looks during a change so there are usually two dressers per model, which is what I was doing backstage."

“It’s very fast paced, vibrant and exciting!” Amanda exclaims. “It’s not glamorous until the show is over, that’s when you can finally breathe knowing that it’s all gone accordingly! There’s a lot of stress that comes with working backstage, you have to be in control and reliable which is very different from sitting in the front row. They don’t see all of the finishing touches still being added to certain clothes right up until the show starts. All they see is perfection.”

Zoe argues that in just being at fashion week, backstage or not, you get a glimpse of the unglamorous side of fashion:

     “I think that in just being at fashion week you get an idea of actually how unglamorous fashion can be. While it is lovely being at Somerset house, getting free vitamin water and scones in the press tent, there are downsides to. Queuing up for ages to get into shows, getting turned away when PRs have sent out too many invites, and waiting around for the rest of your team to show up whilst refreshing the facebook page on your blackberry isn’t exactly glamorous.”

So maybe it’s all down to personal preference and the experience that you as an individual have at fashion week. Maybe fashion week is like Marmite; you either love it or hate it? Some may enjoy getting their hands dirty backstage whereas others may prefer sitting in the front row with a notepad and a camera. Some probably like to avoid the chaos and hassle all together and simply watch live streams of the shows at home on their laptops, drinking tea and wearing slippers.

Glamorous or not, backstage at London Fashion Week is fascinating and we can only hope to receive more tweets and blog posts about ‘the other side’ of the catwalk in the future.

 (Backstage at PPQ Fall 2011)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Laura Wesson Illustration

So I came across the work of an illustrator this afternoon. An image on my house-mate's door really caught my eye, (the image above), and I asked who had done it; turns out it was her sister!

Clearly inspired by fashion and beauty, Laura creates art using a variety of different mediums including ink, watercolour and tea with results of an abstract quality.

I really enjoyed looking through her portfolio and thought you would to so here it is: 

You can also follow her blog here:

and her facebook here:!/pages/Laura-Wesson-Illustration/126994830816


Monday, 7 March 2011

Just a short piece I wrote for Uni...may as well blog it!

With London Fashion Week coming to an end, that certain special biannually ‘buzz’ in the air has simmered down and life has gone back to normal in preparation for the spring/summer shows which will take place in September!

During February this year between Friday 18th and Wednesday 23rd a total of 65 catwalk shows and 45 salon shows and presentations took place in London as part of London Fashion Week. From beautiful bright and colourful 60’s inspired Burberry coats to the adorable androgynous Dolce & Gabbana Teddy boy style suits; autumn/winter 2011-12 had it all! Regarding accessories, Mulberry showcased a to die for range of leather handbags in an array of colours whilst Giorgio Armani used extravagant bohemian style jewellery pieces to give his show that extra wow factor. One accessory that particularly made an impact however was part of the PPQ show on the Friday.

Founded in 1992, the young edgy fashion brand PPQ began its journey as an artistic partnership between Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker. The trendy two didn’t push PPQ forward into a ready-to-wear brand however until eight years later in the year 2000. The label has stormed down the catwalk at every London Fashion Week ever since with its army of dedicated fans sat in the front row of each show.

Influenced heavily by music, the designer duo produce season after season of fun and funky fashion and this February the partnership sent gothic glamour down the runway with a pallet of black, purple and grey. Models wore simple makeup; a subtle streak of black eyeliner to grace the eyelids and bright red glittering lips which stood out against the backdrop of pale skin and gave off a rather ‘vampish’ feel. Adding to the quirky Halloween theme running throughout the show was the chic ‘cat hats’ worn by the models – meow!

To accompany the collection of short tailored dresses and Victorian ruffles was a selection of vintage style jewellery and accessories, this juxtaposed fiercely with the overall modern look making the collection more interesting as a whole. One of these accessories however looked more like a piece of art than something likely to be carried down a catwalk.

Carried bravely, (it was a very heavy accessory), by a tall, slim model with blonde hair and blue eyes, was a deep purple vintage style handbag encased in Perspex. The handle poked through the top of the square casing allowing it to be carried easily. It looked beautiful from inside its tomb of resin, sparkling from within and complimenting the knee length royal purple dress it had been paired with.

Now although not the most convenient accessory, being that you can’t even get in to the bag and open it, this item must not be disregarded as a piece of art nor a piece of fashion. PPQ have engulfed a beautiful object, one that helps to define fashion: the handbag, such a simple yet special and important accessory for women all over the world. They have preserved this marvellous piece of fashion history and culture forever like a delicate insect set in amber.

Forget about fashion you can take to the streets, this spectacular artefact is one for the mantel; displaying fashion as an art, as part of English history. Fashion is so important to the British culture that maybe some pieces should be preserved like fossils, keeping style alive forever. 


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Yeasayer - Madder Red

Even when my luck is down
I take joy in knowing that our love grows
But if my vices are a burden
Please don't let me off
Cast me from your home

Cause lately I have wronged you

And not been on your side, love
Maybe I've been gone
Please don't ask me why

I turn away just when you want me

And I know that home is where you want me
There's not much for me there

Never gave a thought to an honourable living

Always had sense enough to lie
It's getting hard to keep pretending
I'm worth your time

Always had sense enough to lie

It's getting hard to keep pretending
I'm worth your time


Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Royal Affair

Hair & Makeup: Tasha Brooke Harris

Photographer/Stylist: Jennifer Frazer

Friday, 4 March 2011

My latest choice of lip colour is...


I'm not normally a pink lady but after seeing Fendi's forecast for beauty this season I had to at least try it!

Fendi SS 2011

I like it but would like to go even brighter as the colour I have is still quite subtle...I want it to have wow factor! Also, I'd like it to match my new blouse so hopefully I'll be able to get a shade this colour:

For more about this seasons beauty trend click here: 

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