Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blue Valentine

Focussing on depressing issues from the start, Blue Valentine tells the story of a married couple jumping between past and present to important moments which moulded and shaped their relationship into what it became. With Ryan Gosling playing the romantic boyfriend, madly in love with a difficult, "pretty girl", you're sure to become instantly drawn in by his boyish charm and will feel his pain when things don't go exactly as he planned.

Sweet, sad and romantic all rolled into one, Blue Valentine will take you on an emotional roller-coaster and leave you feeling shaken and empty by the end. Unlike the common unrealistic plots looked at in film, this one goes against that norm giving a true insight into what love is and how it can be in reality. I really enjoyed this film, it was wonderfully written, well produced and the cast were perfect, I would definitely recommend it. All this aside however, when you do sit down and watch it, don't be waiting for a happily ever after ending.  


Marie Antoinette costume!

Firstly, Happy Halloween everyone! (For tomorrow). This year I decided to dress as Marie Antoinette as I've had a small obsession with her look since watching the film based on her! Wildfox also did a gorgeous look book shot on the grounds of Versaille, (which I've been to by the way), absolutely beautiful!

I bought this wig from some online fancy dress shop for £22. To be honest I was a little disappointed with the quality considering the price but it seems to be the best Marie Antoinette wig out there - I don't have a lot of hair to work with so a wig was obviously necessary! The pearl drop necklace and matching earrings are what my Mum wore on her wedding day 16 years ago :)  

Dress: Lipsy
Tights: Primark 
Black frill socks: Primark 
Boots: F&F

I had a great night. We went to a nightclub called Lennons which is hands down the best club in Southampton and is MASSIVELY underrated! My friend Leigh had an amazing costume, I just wanted to take photos of her all night! She went as the Black Swan...

We had an evening filled with much dancing, photo-taking and alcohol, (Ergh feeling that today). I'm already thinking of dress-up ideas for next do Christmas though...eeeee!



Click HERE and like the page of a dear friend of mine called Christine who is kindly offering a free portrait session to one lucky person when her page hits 500 likes! She is a truly talented photographer so it would definitely be worth winning a session with her!

To see more of her work click HERE!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday I'm in Love: Film

Hello! I thought it would be a nice idea to start sharing lists of things that I like with you, for example my top 10 films or favourite songs. It feels good sharing interests with others and hopefully these posts can be helpful in giving you recommendations! I'm calling it 'Friday I'm in Love', and yes those are lyrics from The Cure! I'm looking to make this a permanent feature on Fashion Your Seatbelts and will do my best to post EVERY Friday! This weeks topic will be film as I'm currently looking at films for my final major it's pretty much all I think about these days!!


1. Control, (2007)
Following the life of Ian Curtis, (played by Sam Riley), Control explores the personal, professional and romantic troubles which led the singer/songwriter of Joy Division to commit suicide at the age of just 23. Watch this is you're in the mood for a beautiful, emotional and cultural ride!


2. Donnie Darko, (2001)
Well, everyone loves Donnie Darko don't they!? A troubled, sleepwalking teenager starts seeing 'Frank' a rabbit who tells him when the world is going to this if you're a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, (at his best in this movie I must say), and if you have an interest in time travel. 

3.Pan's Labyrinth, (2006) 
Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pan's Labyrinth is dark, twisted, eerie and wonderful. Probably the most captivating fantasy film of all time and just lovely to look at - definitely worth a watch...or three. I'll just add that it's in Spanish so make sure you get sub-titles!

4. Pleasantville, (1998)
A story of romance, a brother, (Tobey Maguire YES), and sister are sucked into a tv show set in the 1950's. Their knowledge of the future world starts to affect the innocent minds of Pleasantville's community and soon strange things start to watch this, it's lovely:) 
5. Interview with the Vampire, (1994)
Staring both Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Interview with the vampire is a classic work of art, a vampire tells his life story of love, pain, loneliness and hunger. It also stars a very tiny Kirsten Dunst which is worth seeing, she's so cute!
6. Queen of the Damned, (2002)
A more recent interpretation of the vampire, (but not so modern that it's gotten silly), Queen of the damned is the story of a vampire who becomes a rock star! Genius! I think I like this film slightly more than I should simply because I first watched it at age 14 when I was a little goth^_^ First impressions stick, and I still enjoy this film. 

7. Big Fish, (2003)
Directed by Tim Burton and starring Ewan McGregor, Big fish is a wonderful, beautiful tall tale filled with fantasy stories and strange things. Watch it! (The ending is sad though) :( 

8. Quadrophenia, (1979) 
Watch this if you're interested in British sub-culture...this was the film that lead to the Mod revival in early 1980! This is a little like Control in that not much happens...but it's great!
9. Marie Antoinette, (2006) 
Kirsten Dunst again, I like her! This film is about Marie Antoinette, as I'm sure you've worked out. It's delightful, though depressing at times, but visually it's stunning, being set on the grounds of Versaille! Also as you may have guessed, the costume throughout is incredible! 

10. The Science of Sleep, (2006)
A friend of mine recommended I watch this film the other week and I am so glad that I took her advice! It's quirky, fun and imaginative, loved it!

So, there are 10 films that I recommend you watch, which I enjoyed very much! I'd love to hear your thoughts so if you watch one you haven't seen before then let me know what you thought and do you have any suggestions for me?

Thursday, 27 October 2011

What I wore when

Today I spent my morning writing an essay, which I need to finish off this evening, and then headed to uni in the afternoon. I wore an animal pattern jumper tucked into a high waisted American Apparel skirt with a pair of leggings and boots. I had to wear a coat over the top as despite being really hot and muggy recently it's also been raining really heavily on and off. Very annoying as my hair looks ridiculous as soon as it gets the slightest bit wet!:(

I got these boots from River Island last winter and have since been wearing them as my 'bad weather' boots but unfortunately they've now started to break...what an excellent excuse to buy a new pair of boots!

I know it's a strange thing to 'recommend' but if you get a chance then I really do think you should pop into Primark, (dangerous I know), and get yourself a pair of these £4 leggings! I um'd and ah'd about buying them whilst in I NEED another pair of leggings? Luckily I decided to get them and have since discovered that they're not only practical, especially as they have a little hole your heel slips in to to keep them from riding up, but they're SO warm and comfortable!

I wore this coat to is not waterproof.

Jumper: H&M (Gift)
Skirt: American Apparel 
Leggings: Primark
Boots: River Island
Coat: £3 Charity shop

The Dykeenies Live @ Talking heads, for the more serious stuff

With Blonde Louis setting the tone as support band, the four-piece from Glasgow put on a spectacular show last night, bringing talented musical sounds to Southampton. In recently releasing their second album, 'Canyon of Echoes', The Dykeenies performed a well proportioned mix of old and new songs pleasing everyone in the crowd and getting an enthusiastic response. With an energetic atmosphere the band performed passionately whilst those watching danced and sang along.

Although the venue didn't fill half as much as they deserved, the friendly feel set by Brian as he bantered with the audience combined with the breathtaking sounds which bounced around the room, filled the gaps easily. Making every second count, towards the end of the show Brian sang so forcefully, and the band played so hard that you could simply feel the exhaustion radiating off of them - but in a good, powerful way. 

An overall beautiful, striking set from The Dykeenies as always with favourite songs like 'Clean up your eyes' making the crowd go wild! Their sound can't be faulted and neither can their live performances - it's a mystery as to how they've been kept in the dark so long with such a unique burst of creativity. But maybe that's a good thing, that they haven't been snapped up by a money making record label and plastered all over radio one. Maybe that's why The Dykeenies are so stunningly good and why they've kept their individuality right the way through into their second album.

Praise for The Dykeenies!

***I just remembered that I have their set list from the Exeter show I went to a few years ago tucked away in a drawer somewhere! Those were the days...Got myself a signed copy of their latest album as well, (I waited to buy it directly from them at a show so they'd make more money), you should all go and buy it pronto!


The Dykeenies Live @ Talking heads, Southampton

Just got back from seeing The Dykeenies for the third time and they were as inspiring as ever! I first listened to them when I was 16-years-old and was instantly in love. A year later my friend Ruth and I went to London for the weekend and whilst there went to Underage Fest, a really friendly and atmospheric festival actually, it's a shame I'm too old to go now! It was there that I saw them for the first time and tonight's performance brought back lovely memories from that weekend...gosh I miss being young!

My second time seeing them was in Exeter at the Cavern when I was 18, that's three years ago now and I still love them them! Anyway I'm rambling...back to tonight's performance...

On walking in to the venue, (Talking heads), my first thought was how quiet it was considering THE DYKEENIES were playing. It did pick up after the support band, who were actually rather enjoyable by the way, but I still feel like The Dykeenies deserve a packed out venue every time they perform as they are exquisite.

When he sings I get that feeling you get after a couple of drinks ;) That feeling where you feel as though you don't have a care in the world, it's great. I just realised how cheesy that sounded but I don't even care cos they truly are amazing! The atmosphere was great and I even treated myself to a cheeky pear cider. Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves - though there was a group of typical young drunk teenage girls swooning over the lead singer and turning 'enjoying' into 'annoying' but hey, we were all there once...weren't we?

What I wore 

As we left it was heavily raining and so I threw on one of Craig's massive coats over the top of my legging and blouse combination. These boots always remind me of Peter Pan. 

Blouse: Next (Black slip worn underneath) 
Coat: New Look mens
Leggings: Primark 
Boots: Asos (A gift from last Christmas)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


The other day I spoke about a photoshoot that I was doing for Kylie Malcolm...well, here are the images! They're very simple - it's only a look book so the main goal was to show off the clothes so please do feel free to ignore my ugly mug! I was having a bad hair day!! :(

The fabrics were absolutely gorgeous and the colour pallet just made them look and feel even more rich and lovely! I can't speak for the designer but I felt it was almost 'regal' with the deep purple and royal reds. Kylie always has collars in her collection to which makes me very happy!

Photography: David McKibben
Designer: Kylie Malcolm 
Hair & Makeup: Amy Rees
Model: Moi  

I fell in love with the colour of the deep purple dress - I thought I hated purple but that fabric was divine! (Think I have to give purple a chance in the future!) My favourite piece however was strangely the simple black dress. It was just fun to wear to be honest, I may actually buy it and wear it really clinched in at the waist with a skinny belt! I also really liked her detachable tiered collars and will definitely be buying one though I'm not sure in what colour yet^_^

You can shop Kylie's collection from last season HERE. I will let you know when this seasons is up!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What I wore when

Today was a pretty dull, yet busy day. I got up earlier than I wanted to, went to work where there was LOADS for me to do, and then went into uni for 4 hours. I am SLEEPY. It's days like these...these tiring, uneventful days...that I like to wear a slouchy jumper and pair of jeans. The jumper and jean look is comfortable, practical and doesn't take a lot of thought to piece together in the morning, smashing.  

 Faux fur wine hat: Topshop £22
Jumper: Beatnik Emporium (Borrowed from boyfriend) 
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: £15 River Island 

Just watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl, dun dun dunnn!!! Now to get stuck in to a university assignment due in next week. I'd really like to get it finished by the end of this week ATLEAST, if I could finish it tonight that would be wonderful...wish me luck!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011 order

I placed an order with on Thursday and it's already here! (I have by the way realised that I do get a lot of I order too much online? My housemate Helena gets just as much but still...maybe I should slow down with the money spending!) On opening the package I was instantly impressed with the amount of care that had clearly gone into preparing my order. Everything was wrapped and folded neatly and I even got a free shopper!

As well as my items I also bought a gift for a friend, so I wont post an image of that on here or say what it was! For myself I bought two pairs of socks by Pamela Mann, they were a really good price and I wanted them to wear with skirts and dresses. I also got a pair of leggings which have lovely detail on them - they'll be great this winter worn with boots! I chose to get a size larger than normal however as my bottom is a little larger proportioned to my top half and they're a little baggy:/ Do you think I can get away with them still!? (See image below) They're really comfy ^_^

My final purchase was the adorable little peter pan collar dress from Max C which you can buy HERE. It's a lovely design however possibly a little long to be worn out so I think it will be used as a day dress. I may even wear it on Christmas day as again I got a size up so it's nice and loose and comfortable! (I really should start buying clothes my size). I will get a post of me wearing it up soon so you can see what I mean about the length. 

All in all I'm a happy customer :)

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At university one unit is teaching us how to create a good blog. So far I've learnt some good tips, one was to have a 'like' page for my blog on facebook so that you lovely people can follow and access Fashion Your Seatbelts more easily. Why didn't I think of that before!? So anyway, you can now like FYS on facebook and have my posts come up in your news feed, good stuff. Please 'Like' and I promise to keep bringing you more fashion, photography and general goodness.

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Friday, 21 October 2011

A photoshoot I styled AGES ago!

I've actually only JUST got my mits on these images! They're from a shoot I styled with Kylie Malcolm right back at the beginning of the year for her SS11 collection! I didn't take these photos but I did edit them. I don't usually like to make images black and white as I feel as though it's the easy way out of editing an image, as black and white with high contrast tends to just blast away any imperfections without any other alterations. Also, it's never going to look as good as original B&W photography anyway! In this instance however, I feel as though this set of images are really complimented by black and white! Hope you like them x   

Models: Issy & Holly 
Designer: Kylie Malcolm
Stylist/creative directing: Toni Caroline 
Hair & Makeup: Amy Rees
Photography: Mike Hall

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