Thursday, 30 August 2012


Last night when I got in from work at approximately 18.45, I crawled gratefully into my pajama bottoms and got in the mindset for a relaxing evening of trashy tv, (I had BINTM and Styled to Rock recorded). It was then that I received a phone call; my boyfriend had left gig tickets at home and needed me to bring them into central London for him. Sigh, back to the train station I shuffled. As a thank you though, he met me at H&M on Oxford Street and had bought me this jumper I'd mentioned I had my eye on, n'aww:) I really like the slouchy fit, and well, metallics are always exciting!

H&M have some such amazing autumn winter pieces in stock at the moment, and at such good prices! This jumper was just £14.99! Today I wore it with a tee underneath, also from H&M, which added a pleather collar to the equation...I also wore bright pink socks as, it is summer after all. I can't wait to wear it in the midst of winter with black skinny jeans and boots!

Jumper, £14.99, H&M
Trousers, River Island
Socks, Topshop
Glitter Brogues, Topshop 

Whilst on an errand to buy many macaroons today, I walked past Madelaine from Britain and Ireland's next top Model - who's been watching? Who do you want to win? I want Lisa to win! 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Over the weekend I took full advantage of the bank holiday and visited my family in Devon for a few days. I had such a wonderful, relaxing time. We went to a few open studios because my Mum is looking for artwork to put up in her newly built extension; one exhibition was outside, my Mum knew the artist actually, and I remember visiting her house a few times when I was younger. It's such a beautiful house, a converted barn, and it's always stuck in my mind from when I was little...but any way, this lady is spending her days outside in a beautiful little hamlet in the middle of nowhere, creating drawings, paintings and sculptures. I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy when I compared it to my own unstable lifestyle. BUT, we always want what we can't have ;)

I also walked the dog, baked florentines, ate a series of delicious meals, trawled charity shops in Tavistock, (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's hometown), helped my little brother buy a budgie, and had snuggles with my "baby" pet rat Elfin. A perfect weekend. Back to reality today - back to being a lowly intern once more.

Today I wore my new top, which I picked up in H&M for just £7.99!!!!! It's also available in a wine colour...I may have to go buy that one to. I felt like wearing all black today because to be quite honest it reflected my mood, and I wanted to wear my new purchase, but then I felt a little odd once outside in the beaming sun dressed like a goth. What did you all do this bank holiday by the way? 

Black sheer panel tee, £7.99, H&M
Black jeans, River Island
Purple Dr. Martens, £33.00, Ebay   


Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I most definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning - I've been feeling grumpy, tired and deflated, which lead to my day going reaaaaaaally slowly, arrgh! Luckily I have you lovely lot to cheer me up :) I wanted to show you my new blouse from Glamorous; I love the polka dots on the sheer sleeves and the large Peter Pan collar is very Alexa Chung! Here I've worn it over a black velvet dress. 

Blouse: Glamorous
Dress: AX Paris
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Dr Martens


Monday, 20 August 2012


My Mum mentions 'Hobbs' a lot, but I've never really paid much interest in the brand myself. It wasn't until I started my new internship last week that I came across their NW3 collection. "Following on from the Hobbs brand ethos of attention to detail and craftsmanship", NW3 is young, fresh and stylish with an eclectic twist, and although its styling is playful, it's still smart and sophisticated.

What first caught my eye about the AW12 collection was the gorgeous "autumny" colour pallet of burgundy, navy and grey....and just look at that "on trend" tartan! I'm literally loving tartan this year; normally I'd associate it with goths and punks, bringing me back to my teenage years, but cleverly, this year's tartan is very mature in colour, making it modern and chic.      

Images taken from
The price tags aren't too friendly, but then, we all have brands that we aspire to be able to afford one day, and N.W.3. is certainly one of mine! What do you think of it?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

PRIMROSE HILL: My new Playsuit

Yesterday my boyfriend and I headed over to Chalk Farm to Primrose Hill from which you can see many of London's iconic buildings. It was so pretty and there was a really happy, laid back vibe; it's definitely one of my new favourite places! I wore my new playsuit which I bought in the online River Island sale for just £10!

I apologise for the crappy outfit photo, my camera clearly did not appreciate how bright the sky was! I had to wear my top button un-done, something that I don't normally do, (I like to button ALL the way to the top), cos it was too hot! I also added a black, skinny waist belt. I'm sat in my living room right now with both windows wide open and the sun beating in - it's going to be another uncomfortably hot day! I'm not complaining at all, it's nice to finally have a taste of summer, but I do wish I lived closer to a beach:/ How have you spent this weekend? Lots of beaches and BBQ's I hope!

Playsuit: River Island, £10
Lace Cycling shorts: New Look, £4
Socks: Primark
Dr Martens: Ebay, £33  

My first week at my new internship went well by the way, I'm basically a brand intern at a fashion PR company, and my main duties include sending samples to stylists, checking returned samples back into the system, generally keeping the showroom looking presentable and also showing clients around whilst they choose what they want. Sometimes stylists/clients can't make it into the office, so instead they send a list of the type of garment and shoe they want, so I get to pull the items for them! That can be fun, yesterday I chose some samples to send to Dazed and Confused.

There are also many other jobs here and there that I get given particularly if it's a quiet day, for example on Friday I had to book a few appointments, and also run out to Oxford Street to buy some wellies...things like that!

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Photograph: Alexa Chung wearing Erdem, taken from tumblr  
Although it may not have seemed like much of a Summer in the UK this year, August is already drawing into September, some are getting ready to return uni, and it will soon be time to think about what dresses you’ll be seeking out to replenish your wardrobe this autumn winter! Here are the main 2012 autumn through winter dresses trends I’ve picked up on from the catwalks, fashion magazines and Hollywood stars so far this year.
Despite the fact that the outside weather is likely to get colder, see-through lacy and layered dresses seem to be making a lot of headway. Add in beads and a splash of more of the key colour for the end of 2012, Coral Red, and you have a Pandora’s Box to start playing with.
The floral trend in dresses ebbs and flows, as it has done for many decades. Of course florals have been big already this year, and have graced both urban and rural fashions across Europe and beyond this spring/summer. It's not unusual for the floral bloom to die out in autumn and winter, but it looks like this year will see floral patterns continue in dresses, although with a less flighty and more luxurious look and feel more suitable for evening wear. Think more edgy and darkwave, featuring maroons and purples - not exactly Gothic, but with a definite nod in that direction. Add in beads and belts and you’re there, well in advance of the autumn/winter fashion flow, with followers and wannabes in your wake! 

 Photograph: Agyness Deyn in Vogue Italia
What else? Sexy, classy, and classic are also the features to look for when buying clothes for this fall and winter...And did I mention hats? Yep the macho yet mellow man-hat is due to make a huge comeback this year- from felty Fedora’s to trendy Trilbys. The waist has also returned with a vengeance - whether on a curvy, lacy dress or a belted swing coat, the emphasis is on the waist. The seriously girlie frock is also out for the time being, for now anyway - the hem line is modestly mid knee to well below the knee.

 Photograph: Alexander McQueen AW12, taken from
For evening wear dresses, the designers are dictating the use of some bolder colours. Along with the purples, maroons and dark reds I mentioned before, add in some Autumn gold, and clear winter sky azure. “Where’s the black?” I hear you ask!  Worry not, designers have used black in many of the autumn/winter mixes, but not alone - add in the other colours previously touted, plus some greys, and there you have the late 2012 palette. There you have it ladies, there's no excuse now - get yourself all prepped up for the end of summer and start an exciting new season in dress fashion!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I started a new internship today with a fashion PR company, (a route that I'm contemplating going down) - I've been trying to get a job this past month but it seems near impossible for a graduate to find paid work in something related to their degree. I find it very unfair that I wasted three whole years of my life studying when it means f¢&% all my CV, oh and I'm now over £20,000 in debt, thanks! But any way, feeling sorry for myself aside, my first day was okay. It was a little slow as I was basically shadowing other interns to get the hang of the basics, and I was also sent to deliver samples to a wrong address which was rather dramatic :P

Tomorrow I'll be put to work in another department which I'm really excited about cos I'll be working with the "premium" brands and there are less interns, (which means more for me to do!). I will keep you updated and let you know how it goes! Just out of interest, is anyone else interning at the moment? How are you finding it!?

This isn't what I actually wore, ( I wore these trousers and shoes but with a metallic green blouse), but I wanted to show you one of my new blouses from Glamorous! The best thing about this blouse is the stunning laser cut collar. It feels so delicate and will add a subtle something special to any outfit....

Necklace: Asos
Trousers: River Island
Shoes: H&M


Tuesday, 14 August 2012


The other week I mentioned a pair of tartan trousers from River Island, the ones I fell in love with, but didn't buy straight away because they were too short in the leg - I couldn't stop thinking about them and so in the end I gave in and they now have a snug spot in my wardrobe! They are too short, but ankle grazers are still in this autumn/winter right? ;)

It's near impossible to find a pair of high waisted jeans or trousers on the high street, (if you know of anywhere that sells them please share - but I don't like the "three button" style that Topshop have), so I love that River Island have a range of high waist trousers and leggings! I'm desperate to get my hands on a classic 80's pair, but I'm yet to find any.   

I love the PU leather detail on the pockets of these trousers, and I also love the colours - I can't wait to wear them in the winter with boots and a big, warm coat! Yesterday I chose to clash a little and wore them with a hyper floral print blouse from H&M and my Dr Marten shoes.  

Peter Pan collar top: H&M
Tartan trousers: River Island
Dr Martens

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Yesterday I headed down to South West London to a style a birthday party themed photoshoot - I haven't actually mentioned this yet but I've started an exciting new project which you can find out more about/support here! I spent the day surrounded by balloons, sparkles, glitter, sequins, bright colours, ribbon and basically, lot's of girly prettiness...SO much fun! Here are a few instagram snaps from the day!

I'm so excited to share the finished product with you - I was working with an amazing team, including an agency model, so I have very high expectations! Afterwards I headed up to Bond Street area for a meeting, before heading home on the baking hot, busy underground. I wore my new dress from River Island, which was just £20 - I love the colour and how slouchy it is, again, I bought a size up cos I didn't want it to cling's also a very good length.

Dress: River Island
Socks: Primark
Brogues: Office


Thursday, 9 August 2012


Okay, so I love getting clothes through the post....but food to!? Today I received a tasty parcel from Krispy Kreme containing a selection of their delicious summer doughnuts, AND some pairs of Krispy Kreme sun glasses! If you hadn't heard of them before, (I only had my first last year), Krispy Kreme truly do make the BEST doughnuts and I highly recommend finding your nearest store! What's really cool is that in some areas you can order online to - tasty treats delivered right to you door!  


Before coming home and stuffing my face however, I headed East for an interview, (fingers crossed), and I wore a vintage tartan dress...I thought I was being brave merely leaving the house without a cardigan but it is BAKING outside so I was a little warm in the heavy cotton. (I do apologise for the poor image quality by the way, I broke my other digital camera on a night out so I've had to dig out the Canon I got when I was 15 - it takes BATTERIES!) 

Dress: Vintage, Charming Magpies
Socks: Primark
Dr Martens: Ebay


Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Pretty much feeling like a "girlfriend in a coma" at present, but alas I mustn't dwell! In a moment of weakness I checked out the online Topshop sale and came across this delightful little red dress for just £20! I don't even like the colour red, and well, it has hearts on the boobs, but I strangely find it quite endearing! I got a size up cos I'd always rather things were a little big than too small. The loose fit looks quite casual making it more of a day dress - in winter I think it could look quite cool worn with black cotton tights to!

They still have a size 8 left online if you fancy this little for bargain yourself! You can find it here.   


Dress: £20, Topshop sale
Socks: Primark
Dr Martens: Ebay


Monday, 6 August 2012


I'm sure you've all heard of this beautiful brand, but just in case you haven't, let me introduce you to Sister Jane. Sleek, boyish tailoring, vintage inspired silhouettes and on trend embellishments, Sister Jane is feminine, fashionable, and very, very exciting. You can take a look at their current collections on ASOS and Topshop, or to see the full range, visit their website!

(PS I want this ASOS model's hair/face)


Sunday, 5 August 2012


I woke up this morning to a clap of thunder, followed by torrential rain for about three hours. Of course then, when I dressed to leave the house, I felt like dressing for autumn and I put on my black skinny jeans, a grey jersey top and a lightweight coat. By the time I reached Carnaby street the sun was blazing down on me and I had to stuff my coat into my shoulder bag! Umbrella did not get used....why is English weather so darn unpredictable!?    

Whilst in Oxford Circus area I popped into Dahlia's boutique which is down Carnaby Street, and I was very impressed with their AW designs! Black and grey tees with studded shoulders, beaded skirts and pleather panels...a bit grunge for Dahlia's usual girly, quaint self!? It works though, I'll definitely be treating myself to a piece on my birthday!

I also teased myself by going into River Island to have a second look at a pair of trousers I want so so badly, but they're too short for me so I'm not sure if they're worth buying. I know the ankle grazer is fashionable and I'm pretty sure it's sticking around for autumn but, cold wet ankles throughout November? Hmm no thank you. BUT I love them and they're flattering...should I buy them any way!? 0_o (You can see them here)   


Top: Topshop
Jeans: River Island
Coat: £2, Charity shop
Shoes: Dr Martens, Ebay
Umbrella: Ebay

Saturday, 4 August 2012

AW12 TREND: The Low Heel

I came across an article in this months ELLE which discussed the revival of the "demi-heel". Seen at the likes of Valentino, CĂ©line and Prada, low heels are all the rage this season, so I for one will be making room on my shoe rack and waving goodbye to the overly high heel....thank goodness....a heel I can walk in!  
I'm in absolute awe of these Kurt Geiger's! £120 is a little, (way too), steep for me, but boy are they beautiful!? Unfortunately not many high-street stores seem to have caught on to this trend yet, but soon I'm sure the low heel will be EVERYWHERE, and I can't wait! I plan to wear mine with skinny jeans during the day, and then cute ankle socks in the evening! Will you be buying into this trend? 
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