Saturday, 29 September 2012


Last week was very exciting; not only did I start my new job at Boden, but it was also my 22nd birthday on Wednesday! I went out last night with my friends to celebrate, we had a little party with balloons and nibbles at my house and then we headed out to Camden for a boogie. I actually bought this dress in a last minute panic on Thursday...I hopped off the tube at Oxford Circus and headed straight to trusty H&M! (I pretty much want their entire autumn range). This little shimmery green number was just £34.99, but I definitely think it looks more expensive with its structured shape and cut out detail - it's very "Zara".

I wore it with my black suede ASOS boots, which admittedly I changed out of at about 3am because I DID FALL DOWN, and also a skinny black waist belt. I took a blue leopard print denim jacket with PU leather sleeves out with me for the chilly walk home. My night ended with a hot dog bought off the street and the night bus. 

Dress: £34.99 H&M
Jacket: £10.00 H&M
Bag: £14.99 H&M
Shoes: £60.00 ASOS
Nail varnish: £5.00 Topshop

Enough about my birthday, now that that's done and dusted all I can think about is Christmas! I can't even express how delighted I am with my new creative assistant role at Boden; not only do I enjoy every second but I'm learning so much! At first I was almost worried to feel happy because it all seemed too good to be true, but screw it, I am a very happy girl! My first week entailed getting used to the company and office, meeting lots of new, friendly people, photo researching, creating trend boards, taking photographs, lots of printing, cutting and sticking, a little photocopying and I also sat in on two photoshoots!

I'm going to head to the shop now to buy something scrummy to eat, I do hope everyone's having an excellent weekend!    


  1. Happy belated birthday, the dress is gorgeous, absolutely love the back! You look beautiful and also congrats for the job! xx

  2. You look lovely, hope you had a great birthday! And I loooooove them shos!

  3. This dress is incredible, hope you had a fab birthday! xx

  4. Great dress :)
    Happy birthday !

  5. lovely dress AND massive well done on bagging that role.

    J x

  6. Adorable dress! :)


  7. The dress is gorgeous and love the jacket so much! Congrats on the new jobs, sounds amazing! xx
    Dreams and Dresses

  8. congrats on the new jobs, it sounds so exciting! That dress is so gorgeous and it suits you so well! xx

  9. Happy belated birthday, sounds like you had a wonderful day! Also I hope your new job is going well! xx

  10. You look perfect! Happy belated birthday!!! xx

  11. Happy belated birthday and congrats on your new job!! That really does sound like a dream job! I remember when you were worried about what was going to happen after uni. and now everything is awesome. so good to see that. and you look beautiful.

  12. happy belated birthday to you!
    i really love the dress, especially the back details!
    and it looks better with the jacket.


  13. That dress is absolutely incredible, such a gorgeous colour and material! Sounds like you had a fab birthday and congrats on the new job it sounds amazing :)

    Love Holly oxo

  14. Wow, I really like this dress - you're right, it IS very Zara! Also like your haircut, different but super cute!
    Eva @ x

  15. Gorgeous dress :)

    Kirsti xx


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