Sunday, 16 September 2012


Yesterday morning I worked the "Inspired by Minnie Mouse" event at Somerset House, a showcase which celebrated the inspirational and timeless style of one of the world's most prominent style icons. With her fun and distinctive look, Minnie Mouse plays a key role for many young girls during their first fashion experience; drawing inspiration from this, a handpicked selection of international designers were asked to create one off "must have" pieces to be unveiled during London Fashion Week. 

The outcome has been spectacular. Despite being created by different designers, when exhibited alongside one another, the pieces seem to belong as a set, each celebrating Minnie in its own, unique way! All of these garments and accessories are up for auction HERE, and proceeds will go to the BFC (Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation).  

Richard Nicoll

Here are some snaps of just a few of the designs - head over to the the Ebay auction to see the others! All of the pieces are gorgeous but my personal favourite is the Giles Deacon dress - it's so beautiful! Which is your favourite? 
 Meadham Kirchhoff

Giles Deacon 

Tatty Devine

Terry De Havilland

Two of the girls I intern with

Because I was working the event I had to wear all black, this didn't bother me though because I personally can't wait for autumn trends to be in full swing! Dressing for colder weather is so much more fun than wearing summer clothing...big possibilities are endless! I wore a black tee with a metallic knit jumper over the top of a playsuit from Topshop, I then added polkadot socks and painted my nails red as tribute to Minnie! 

 Playsuit: Topshop
T-shirt: H&M 
Jumper: H&M
Socks: Topshop
Brogues: Topshop
Bag: H&M
Nail Varnish: Barry M 


  1. amazing post and blog
    love josi

  2. Oh love this post, everything is so adorable! Am hoping the exhibition will still be there when I visit London in two weeks!

  3. Hello there sweetie! Really cute post, I love the designs ♥

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    Hope I'll hear from you!

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  4. Those Minnie Mouse dresses are literally the best thing ever! I love your little tribute to Minnie too with the nail varnish :) xx

  5. These are too good!!
    I wish I could go :)

    The Lovelorn

  6. Awesome post ! Minnie Mouse is such an icon of my childhood haha

    Just wanted to let you know that I changed my blogs name, it used to be and you can now find me at

    Hope you'll like it ! xx tiphaine

  7. that event look amazing!
    you don't happen to know where the blouse of the girl on the right is from do you?:P thanks! xx

  8. That necklace is amazing and fall is my favorite season as well.


  9. Really love these pictures.



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