Sunday, 21 October 2012


Last week I mentioned I'd bought two pairs of trousers from H&M, well these are the second pair! (I'm pretty sure I've ruined the other pair in the wash, *cries*)  I absolutely love the fit of these, they're very smart and structured which proves to be rather flattering. Also, although you can't see too much detail in these images, the print is really unusual; navy with black speckles which gradually get more prominent until a black wet look engulfs the navy altogether at the bottom, love it! 

I spent this weekend in Devon as it was my brother's 16th birthday. I did have a lovely time but it's made me feel really old...visiting home always evokes old memories of "good times" and sometimes I worry I'm not living my life to the full like I used to when I was younger. Oh well, maybe there's hope yet. I am only 22 after all. 

On a lighter note, how good was this week's Vampire Diaries!? I watched it as soon as I got home this afternoon, oh how I love Stefan! Also, I've ordered two pairs of shoes from Topshop along with a waterproof mac for next year's Glastonbury, (prepared this year). I hope it all fits!   

Top: £15 (SALE), COS
Trousers: H&M
Brogues: £40, Office



  1. Very beautiful outfit :)

  2. I love the trousers, they're really different. Great look, and amazing blog of course!

    Allie x

  3. I love that you watch TVD! I just got caught up and I thought the premier was amazing, Elena's going to make one hell of a vampire and I can't wait to see how they handle this new vampire hunter... I like how you style neon too, very nice :)


  4. LOVELY outfit
    the colour of tee is just amazing i love neon colours :)

  5. I really love this outfit, the colours are so great together.

  6. Those pants are killer! I love them. You look great in them especially with the top you paired with it. Gorgeous :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  7. Ahhh these look absolutely incredible on you Toni! I need to find some flattering pants ;_;

  8. Love the cut of those trousers! And the colour of that top looks fab! xx

  9. lovely trousers.

    I also feel that way, at the age of 21 I think I sometimes just need to chill out and have the mentality I had when I was 16.

    Im going glasto also, can't bloody wait!


  10. Love this so much! Great inspiration for a gorgeous, simple t-shirt + trouser combo.


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