Sunday, 6 January 2013


There are stories behind both of these purchases - I had actually tried this contrast sleeve biker jacket on a few weeks before buying it, but I couldn't take it home with me just in case my parents had bought me a coat for Christmas! As soon as I opened up my shoes on Christmas morning therefore, (not a coat), I went straight onto the Warehouse website to make my purchase! They still have loads of sizes left online if you wanted to check it out for yourself; it's reduced to £60 which is still a rather large sum of money but hey, it's an investment right!?

As mentioned previously, my lovely bosses at work gave me a COS gift card for Christmas. I've been um-ing and ah-ing about what to spend it on for weeks, I wanted to get something special like a dress or pair of brogues but didn't see any "dressy" dresses I was head over heels about and their shoes are pretty pricey, meaning I would have had to contribute £70 of my own money towards them even with the gift card. I don't mean to be stingy but I have been spending way too much on shoes as of late! 

In the end I decided on this grey knitted dress as I thought I'd get lots of wear out of it. I think it works really well with my new coat, it's comfortable, minimal and easy to throw on with a pair of tights - I'd also like to try it with a belt for a more dressed up occasion. Darn, I've just seen that this is in the online sale, must... fight... temptation... and... save... for... holiday... what do you think of COS's simplistic look?   



  1. Love this outfit as always!
    Katie xx

  2. Beautiful post lovely!
    I love this coat so much and think £60 is actually quite reasonable as it will last... I love your choice at COS, it must have been a very hard choice to make.

    Have to meet up soon! :D

    Katie x

  3. Love this outfit. The coat's great and well worth the £60 plus you can wear it with loads of stuff. I really love the shoes you've got on (I'd love to have some like that!). My friend recommended your blog to me and I'm really glad she did because you've got some amazing clothes!

  4. I love the necklace you are wearing and where is it from? and I love your outfit!
    I have just started a blog and would if you came to check it out!

    1. I think it's from Primark but I'm not actually sure because it was a Christmas gift from my Mum! x

  5. This outfit is perfect! Love the simple cuts at COS


  6. I loooove COS so much! This dress looks like a great, versatile basic. Sure you'll get lots of wear out of it!

    Becky | x

  7. omg i LOVE COS 0.0
    following you <3

  8. I'm being drawn more to brands like COS now that I'm in my 20s and am becoming more sensible! I'm trying to shop more in a "capsule wardrobe" way, thinking about different pieces that will go together and COS is perfect for that.

  9. i really love this outfit, so beautifully dark! the dress is lovely, i've never shopped in cos before but now i'm tempted to have a look.

  10. love this outfit!! I have the same coat, it goes with absolutely everything. I think you may look better in it than i do though. I also love your blog name, genius!! following!!- Jade xxx

  11. Gorgeous outfit - I love the coat and shoes :) x

  12. Love the new coat and dress, they definitely go really well together! I love your necklace too :) xx


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