Friday, 25 January 2013


These photos were taken over the weekend whilst it was still snowing, obviously! Unfortunately now most of the snow has melted away, leaving in its place patches of very slippery ice on the pavement; I've been wearing chunky soled shoes all week so I don't fall over! I was recently contacted by the online store Zalando who sell a wide range of products from womenswear to duvet covers, they offered me a product for review and I chose this rather lovely pleated skirt by Oasis.  

I'd actually heard of Zalando before, having had them recommended by my Dad's girlfriend who I think shops with them regularly. The shopping experience was painless enough, as I said, they have a massive range across loads of different brands, so I did spend a lot of time browsing! They also have a really great variety of shoes. I settled in the end for this skirt because it's a lovely wintery colour and I really like the shape.

It's 100% cotton so has a quality, soft feel and doesn't cling to your bum like some skirts, I HATE clingy material, big no no in my wardrobe. Here I've styled my Oasis pleated skirt with my new Boden cashmere crew neck, worn over a PU leather collar blouse, black tights and studded creepers. I've also added a skinny waist belt which I think adds a little extra to the ensemble, bringing the whole outfit together.


Here's a whole other story - basically it was snowing so I had my head stuck out of the window watching it, when I noticed a squirrel in a tree at the end of the garden. I decided to get his attention and get him to come over to my window and...he did! I felt a little bad cos he looked cold and his tail was getting covered in snow, but he sat out there for quite a while, and even had a little wash! (I closed my bedroom window though just in case he decided to jump in!) When I looked out of the window again later there were about six squirrels playing in the snow, jumping from tree to tree!



  1. Ahh I love squirrels!

    Love this skirt, besides the shape the colour's beautiful too.

    Becky |

  2. Amazing pictures and outfit.
    Katie xx

  3. Cute outfit!

  4. You look awesome! I love our style. That's so cute about the squirrels!

  5. Great outfit, perfect colours!
    I love boden fashion, I got a cataloge yesterday for the first time, amazing shop :)


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