Saturday, 2 February 2013


I'm sure most of you have read this book already, but if for any reason you haven't yet been graced by its presence, (see what I did there?), then I urge you to buy it for a fascinating insight into the fashion world - into Grace's world! You can find it on Amazon here.    

It starts how it ends, in which Grace talks about her appearance in The September issue; she expresses her initial reluctance to be filmed and talks about how the movie made her internationally recognisable overnight. The chapter about her childhood is enjoyable, but the book truly comes alive when she starts discussing her career - that's what we're all dying to hear about, right? Taking us chapter by chapter through her fascinating life, she writes with the honesty of a close friend and a humour you just can't teach, she's a very good story teller - just like in her photographs. 

On Tuesday I went to watch Simon Amstell at The Invisible Dot. He was trying out new material for a Comic Relief gig, which if anything made him even funnier cos he kept breaking in and out of "character". He makes jokes out of topics I think about all of the time and he's got such a charming, dorky quality about him; by the end of the show my jaw was aching from grinning! So yeah, I love him a lot.


  1. is the book about grace kelly? and i can't believe you like simon amstell i love him, i saw numb on youtube and loved it and id never seen one of his standup shows before. you're so lucky to have seen it live xx

    1. Grace Coddington, you need to look her up!! And I went to the live recording of Numb to, he's a babe! ^_^ xx

  2. Amazing book!

  3. Bought i-D magazine today because Grace is on the cover! I can't believe haven't bought her book yet! I love her so much- she is an utter genius.
    I also love Simon Amstell. He was such a great presenter on NMTB and I really miss him. x

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