Sunday, 31 March 2013


I've always been fascinated by TK Maxx; I love that when walking into the store you're never quite sure what treasures you're going to find. You may come away empty handed, but you might also find a bargain faux fur coat by a brand you've never heard of, or if you're lucky, you'll walk away with a pair of Converse trainers at half their usual price! They have such a vast selection of great brands all at discount prices, it's all very exciting!

Last week I was offered two pieces from their current online range to review, of course I promptly accepted, choosing this delightful sequin Peter Pan collar dress and these patent, designer loafers!

If you're able to see past my goofy face, just look at the beautiful shape of this dress! Not only do I love the sequin collar but it's excellently made with such a flattering silhouette - it's a little large on me to which means it hangs nicely rather than clinging! Also, it's a really great length, I wore it on Friday with tights, an oversized vintage cardigan and my Dr Martens, but I could also wear it out in the evening in a more dressy way!  

Do you shop in TK Maxx? What's your best TK Maxx bargain to date? Oh, and happy Easter everyone, I hope you've all been eating lots of yummy chocolate! My Mum bought me a cake pop maker - she's the best! xx


  1. I love TK Maxx but I find the shops to be pretty rubbish. I much prefer the website.


  2. Wow the dress and loafers look great together, i love this outfit!

  3. The sock detail is EVERYTHING! I remember buying a similar pair from American Apparel a while ago that are a little longer; definitely my #1 way to give an outfit a little spice!


    1. I got mine from Primark!! And yes I agree, love a good ankle sock xx

  4. That dress is really amazing! You look lovely. I love the sheer socks.

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  6. I love TK Maxx but it can be annoying rumaging around sometimes. Anyway, I love the way that you've styled the dress and your shoes are lovely too xx

  7. Your mum sounds amazing! What a great present for Easter.

  8. Adorable! I love this outfit. And you are soo cute!

  9. TK Maxx? We have TJ Maxx here in US, and yes, its definitely one of my fav stores! I found that mall stores like Macy's, Nordstrom, Sears and etc forward their clothes to TJ Maxx, so you know you get good quality and brand clothes.

    Wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
    Please let me know.

  10. I love both the dress and the shoes! I don't often shop at TK Maxx (the shops annoy me!)but I have to admit they do sell some really nice things!

  11. Ah this dress was made for you, it looks lovely especially with the shoes x

  12. You have such ace style. Love this look! X

  13. Ooh, you look so lovely in that dress! I can never find good things at the American version of TK Maxx, TJ Maxx (what do you think the initials stand for? Why is it different in the States?). But now I'm inspired to try again! Love, love your style as well, and I'm totes following your blog. :) x


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