Friday, 29 March 2013


I get the impression that finding a pair of jeans that actually fit properly is a universal problem for us girls? I personally find that regular length jeans are slightly too short, but then if I buy the longer leg from say Topshop or River Island, they're too long - though this isn't much of an issue for me anymore as I'm a massive fan of the ankle grazer trend and love to show a little sock! All of my jeans now therefore, are either on the shorter side, or I roll them up, (a look largely inspired by the skinhead revival of the 70's which I love.)  

But this latest fad doesn't solve the issue of fit; jeans, shorts and trousers in general tend to be too big around my waist but then too tight around my thighs and bottom, sigh. I guess everyone has a completely different figure shape, be it pear, apple or hourglass...whatever, so it's inevitable that a pair of size 8 jeans will not actually fit everyone who's a size 8 perfectly.

I feel there are two ways to get around this issue; the first is to get yourself a good, preferably relatively inexpensive tailor, many people have recommended I do this and I will certainly look into it in the future. The second solution is to try wearing jeans that flatter your figure, there are plenty of websites that can help you work out what body shape you have and which jeans will look best on you!

I've literally been living in skinny jeans for about seven years now, that's a long time, and only recently have I stopped to question whether or not this is even the best look for me. Don't get me wrong, I love skinny jeans, they're the best, but they aren't always the most flattering, and I only like to wear them with long jumpers. J BRAND over at Trilogy have a great selection of skinny jeans.

Last week MeeMee, one of my all time favourite online boutiques, sent me these awesome high waisted, light blue jeans. I've been craving jeans like these for so long, I'm over the moon to finally own a pair! I love how 80's they are and the fit is really casual and cool - I definitely feel more comfortable in this looser, slouchier style. (Admittedly they're a little large around my waist, but if I wear them with a belt they're fine!)  

To conclude, there's no such thing as the perfect pair of jeans, though if you've personally found a pair you consider to be perfect then good for you! For now though I am going to accept the slight ill fit of all of my jeans, and will look into a tailor in the future. I'll definitely be rocking out in this looser, boyfriend style this spring though as opposed to my usual skinny selection! What's your favourite style of jean and have you found your perfect pair!?




  1. They look great on you! I have found my perfect pair (I hope), a pair of vintage high waisted levis. They look quite similar to yours. I really hate wearing skinny jeans and my perfect pair are a loose fit and I lovvvvve them.

  2. These jeans are awesome so 80s! Suit you perfectly too. I have a hell of a time with jeans fitting. Hip skinnies don't look right because I am pear shape. What I like the most is high waisted skinnies or boot cut. Because I have a really skinny waist and larger hips a size 8 is too tight on hips and legs, but 10 is too loose on waist. Might get a few pairs tailored to fit x

  3. I absolutely love these jeans on you! You look amazing, like you've walked right off of the This is England set ;-) x

  4. Chino style jeans are good for pear shape :)
    But think that the style you are wearing at the moment would work for my larger bum and skinny waist, sooo inspired, I want them now !
    You look amazing by the way, your hair is getting really long ; )

  5. Aw I love those jeans, they look so good with the DMs!

  6. Likey the 80s-ness of your jeans <3


  7. They are really great jeans. I used to live in skinnies but discovered some like this and they are so much cooler. Great post :-) x

  8. Ahh I feel your pain! I've had a recent revelation that the skinny jeans I've lived in the past few years dont actually fit me very well so, after a brief mourning period, I've been on the hunt for a new pair ever since. And I really love the skinhead styling of this pair - who doesn't love a bit of sock action? :) xx

  9. Ahhh I feel your pain! I've recently had the quite horrifying revelation that the skinny jeans I've lived in for the past few years actually don't fit me very well so, after a brief mourning period, I've been on the hunt for a new swanky pair. And i absolutely love the style of these jeans and the skin-head vibe - who doesn't love a bit of sock action? :) xx


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