Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Over the years I've built up quite a hefty collection of beautiful fashion and photography books. My aim is to one day live in a gorgeous, bright and spacious open plan London flat with wooden floorboards and modern furniture, here I will display said books for all to see! Each time I purchase a new one maybe I could have it out on the coffee table, (which I'd like to make out of piled up fashion magazines with a sheet of perspex on top), *dreams*.

This beautiful book, which follows on from the recent exhibition held at Somerset house, showcases a collection of Tim Walker's most dazzling, innovative images. What makes his work so incredible is that through the use of impressive props, set design and a unique eye for photography, he brings fairytales to life, no artificial enhancement needed. I wish fairytales were real like in his images; sorry to sound cliche but looking at his photographs reminds me that life is wonderful! They're beautiful, intriguing, Gothic and magical.... here are some of my favourite pages from the book....(sorry, I got a little carried away!)    



  1. Great post, lovely blog.


  2. His work is so great - I have a growing collection of photography books too, we can be neighbours in our book-galore London flats! X

  3. This was my favourite exhibition of last year by far. Certainly intend to invest in the book! :)

    Brogan x

  4. I'll live with you if the rent is too steep, just FYI.
    I love books like this. I could look at them for days. x

  5. I've wanted this book ever since its release was announced. I must buy it!



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