Sunday, 14 April 2013


Last week I attended the AX Paris #AxCircus event hosted by e-tailwebstores. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, and my suspense was only heightened when we stumbled across the entrance to the venue, an inconspicuous doorway nestled deep in Covent Garden. The doorway lead to a hall, where we left our coats at the cloakroom before heading through a second door into a dark, yet classy nightclub with an enchanting atmosphere.  

After enjoying a delicious fruity cocktail, Leigh and I headed over to the photo booth. I'm not sure what it is about photo booths, but they tend to make us bloggers turn a little loopy, don't they? We already spend quite a lot of time taking photographs of ourselves, yet the prospect of having a machine take the photo for you, then give you a hard copy of the image almost instantly, is extremely exciting! There's always a queue for the photo booth...

At various times throughout the evening, the lights dimmed, the music shifted, and "circus" performers took to the stage! I rather liked the surprise factor, in that you never knew when the next act would be - these acts consisted of dancing, (rather raunchy routines at that), fire breathing and also an aerial silk performance.   

It was a great evening full of fun, friends, photos, cocktails, fashion, goodies and surprises - one of things I love most about being a blogger is that it opens up all sorts of opportunities. From working with brands I love to attending fabulous events, it broadens my horizons and I'm truly grateful for your support, thank you!

One more thing, in all the excitement I didn't manage to photograph any of the latest AX Paris pieces, but you can see their current range for yourself over at the AX Paris store!


  1. the event looks like a lot of fun! hope you had a great time x

  2. Oh my gosh I'm so jealous!! Didn't they go here in Made in Chelsea? It looks like such a fun night!

  3. That hat in the first picture really suits you :P This looks like it was an awesome event :) xxo

  4. how cool I love this shop dresses are omg ahah
    I've never been to your blog and it's so cool congrats!
    Following you


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