Saturday, 13 April 2013


Last Wednesday after a long day at work I headed over to Oxford Circus to meet the lovely Leigh from Fox & Feather. I first met Leigh whilst studying fashion and journalism at uni in Southampton - she was going out with my housemate in first year. Now that I've moved to "The Big Smoke", I don't often get to see her which sucks, but press days always bring us together again and we have a fabulous time! 

This autumn winter Motel looked back to their 90's roots resulting in a fun 90's themed press day! As a 90's child myself, I was super excited by this, I love a good blast from the past! There were slush puppies, sweets and 90's tunes - there was also a 90's teenage bedroom set up in the corner with iconic posters on the walls, The Spice Girls playing on an old old vhs television - they even had the dream phone game! Did anyone else have dream phone when they were little!?      

The clothes were an eclectic mix, showcasing both the current season and also a preview of autumn and winter. My favourite piece was definitely the Penny Babydoll Dress which can be purchased in a few different patterns and colours, I want them all! Almost forgot to mention, I haven't dyed my hair purple, it was sprayed at the event by the Colourxtreme team!    



  1. Wow this is so cool! Lucky you getting to go!
    I hope you had a wonderful time, I love the concept for the party, well done Motel!

    I love your blog!

  2. Ooh, what an awesome set up! I always wanted Dream Phone!


  3. you two look so adorable
    I really like the Penny babydoll dress!
    Très Jolie blog

  4. Oh Em Gee- I love that 90s bedroom. So cute. x

  5. Love both your outfits, and the clothes look great! xx

  6. You both look lovely! A shame I didn't catch you there, how cool was the room xx

  7. I love that denim dress! you and leigh look great :) so jealous of these events! xx

  8. You both have such amazing style!

  9. I love the first dress!
    If you want you can go to my blog and comment it :

  10. really great styles dolls!kisses from Italy


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