Saturday, 18 May 2013


Over the past few weeks I've slowly but surely been clearing out my wardrobe, I tend to do this every time we have a change in season, I hate hoarding. I'm trying to edit it down so that it's filled only with garments that I love - it's tricky enough having to pick outfits each morning without rummaging through loads of crap I don't even wear first. I've also been trying to prepare for spring, bringing the lighter bits to the front and pushing the heavier knitwear and black skinnies to the back awaiting Autumn.

Whilst undergoing this tedious exercise I came to the realisation that not only am I lacking items suitable for summer, but I don't "love" many of my clothes either - I want a wardrobe filled with beautiful things that make me feel fabulous! In an ideal world where I had no limitations, I would most certainly be wearing 'Milly', I wish I could dress like this everyday. 

The contrast between the boyish sweatshirts and the more feminine skirts creates such a cool, effortless look. For me, this AW13 collection is the epitome of style! I'm currently on the lookout for similar statement pieces to update my wardrobe, so please let me know if you come across anything, and if you wanted to check out Milly's current spring summer range then you can find a great selection on Jules B; I particularly like this white peplum dress.



  1. The sweatshirt in the last look is so beautiful! x

  2. I love the sweater and skirt look! <3
    I just can't pull it off...

  3. Looks very you, love it!

  4. I'm the same- I try to only buy items of clothing that go with lots of other things I already own or something that makes me so happy I want to do a little dance. I want to be thrilled every time I get dressed. Love the green and black skirt. x


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