Monday, 13 May 2013


Okay, I need to come clean and tell you that I am terrible at accessorising. I know when I like a pair of shoes, a bag, or a piece of jewellery, but when it comes to actually using those things to compliment an outfit, I'm pretty clueless! (Apart from ankle socks, I love a good ankle sock). I particularly struggle with jewellery - I don't know if you've noticed that I rarely wear any... maybe I'm just being lazy?

Any way, I've had a think about this little reluctance of mine and have come to the conclusion that I'm missing out! I'm going to buy myself a new bag when I get paid this month, and I'll also invest in some more jewellery; chunky necklaces are in this summer, right? I promise to make more effort when accessorising from now on!

I was recently sent this simple, two-tone dress from She Likes. I love minimalism, layers freak me out a bit, so dresses like this are perfect! But just because it's simple, it doesn't mean that it can't be special - I guess that's where accessories come in handy. A simple dress acts as the perfect blank canvas on which you can experiment to your hearts content. Add a chunky, glitzy necklace and a delicate clutch to dress it up, or some crosses, spikes and a leather rucksack for a more punky look. Wear trainers for a more casual feel during the day...the possibilities are endless. 

Here I've worn my simple, grey dress with black ankle socks, funky heels and and a white clutch. I love the white and black coordination throughout the outfit, and the splash of neon adds that little something special! I would wear this on a summer evening out with friends.


What are your favourite accessories and do you use them to enhance your outfits? I'm sorry about the poor quality photography by the way, my normal partner in crime wasn't about so I had to use a tripod in bad lighting conditions, sigh, it's a hard life.


  1. Accessorising is so hard, you're so right! :D
    Most of the time I just simply forget to put on ANY jewelry. But I'm lovin 90ies hoop-earings at the moment (if you know what I mean, I'm not sure that's the right english word for them :D)

  2. Think I fell in love with those heels <3 x

  3. The dress is so lovely! and the shoes look great with it!

  4. I am also terrible at accessorising! I wear a lot of colour so I just feel if I were to wear jewelry as well, it would be overkill. I wish I suited hoop earrings but they make me look like a pirate. Love those shoes! x

  5. I am always forgetting to add accessories. Probably because I'm usually rushing out the door because I'm late for work. Love weekends when I can take a but more time getting ready. Those neon heels are amazing. X


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