Sunday, 23 June 2013


It was recently my friend Sarah's birthday, and to celebrate she decided to throw a dinner party with a Midsummer night's dream theme. I dressed up as a fairy and wore a beautiful flower, diamante and lace prom style dress from Chi Chi. I also wore a blue, flower headband and small, blue wings. I threw on my black leather jacket, which I recently picked up at a blogger's swap shop, over my fairy ensemble for a slightly punkish look!

My new shoes are by Red or Dead by the way; I'd wanted a pair of strappy shoes for ages so finally thought, why not!? They have a really cool chunky, glittery heel, which I think makes them really fun!



Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I was recently invited over to fashionable Shoreditch for Coffin on Cake PR's AW13 press day. Of course, I was mostly looking forward to seeing their JuJu range, a footwear brand whose popularity recently rocketed sky high following the fashion revival of the jelly sandal. I had a glittery pair when I was about seven years old and can still remember how cool they made me feel; I may attempt to rekindle that feeling of cool by getting a pair for Glastonbury this year to wear with little ankle socks, what do you think?

Amongst their better known jellies range, JuJu also sell a wide variety of bright and beautiful wellies, which are perfect for festivals and are sure to get you noticed. They also have an amazing glow in the dark collection...!

After having a play with the glow in the dark JuJu boots, my fabulous assistant Adam, (feel free to follow him on twitter - he "does PR & that"), showed me around the menswear collections. Alpinestars have some great shirts and I was really impressed with Quicksilver's new range to, which featured some gorgeous autumnal colours and also matching shirt and trouser sets. Very cool. 

Apologies if I've been quiet recently; I've been busy with life and I've been ill to which sucks. I will try to get an outfit post up before the end of this week as I have so many new bits and pieces to show you!

Monday, 10 June 2013


A few weeks ago I was sent some earphones from BassBuds. I had previously been using an awful, cheap pair that I'd bought off of ebay so, as you can imagine, it was an absolute pleasure switching over to my new BassBuds.... I can actually hear my music now! Through advanced crystaltronics sound technology, BassBuds' earphones offer a crystal clear listening experience, and they even come with extra memory foam ear buds, which are the perfect solution to blocking out any unwanted noise.

Not only do they serve their prime purpose of enabling you to listen to your tunes, but they're also a great fashion accessory; I love how this yellow pair clash with my jumper! They have an extensive selection of colours to choose from, as well as some really cool two tone designs in their "fashion range", and the crystal detailing adds a unique, feminine twist!

I finally took the plunge and bought myself a pair of Nike trainers. They're so comfortable and I really like the way they look with skinny jeans; I'm yet to try them with a dress, skirt of pair of shorts, but I'm sure they'll still look fab! I picked this beautiful green Lacoste jumper up at the recent Seek & Revive vintage kilo sale, where I also got a Fred Perry jumper and an Adidas jacket.

One more thing before I get some sleep, if you hadn't already seen on instagram, I cut my fringe... again.... I always want to grow it out so I can look pretty like Alexa Chung, but I quickly get bored and hack it off with scissors meant for cutting paper. I really need to find a good hairdresser in London. I hope you like it any way. 



Thursday, 6 June 2013


For those of you who don't already know, I work for a company called Boden, and last month was our AW13 press day. Although I don't actually work in the PR department, due to my creative role I do get to help with the preparation and set up of the London events, which is always super exciting!

Our senior stylist comes up with the concepts and this season she felt inspired by the contrast between "old and new", (very fitting for the autumn range which is an eclectic mix of heritage and modern). At the event therefore, there was a cool combination of old, knackered furniture alongside more modern, chic pieces; in some instances the older bits had been upcyclyed with colourful paint or perspex, which we had made especially for the event. There was also a miss-match of "old and new" pictures on the wall and a neon sign set against a backdrop of vintage floral wallpaper.... 

I took loads of photographs, as I wanted to share them with my colleagues, but I didn't want to bore you with them all so here are just a few of my favourites. I would also like to add that my very talented friend, and soon to be housemate, Louise, knitted some beautiful bits for the event, please head over to her facebook page to check out her work! Also, I know I haven't shown much Boden product here, but their autumn range will be live soon and they have some really great pieces that I can't wait to get my hands on, so keep an eye on their website!


Sunday, 2 June 2013


Aren't bank holiday weekends the best? I wish every weekend could last for three days! Last Friday after work some friends and I drove down to Devon where I visited my family in the lovely little village of Walkhampton. The weather was beautiful so on Saturday evening my family and I had a BBQ, which is always a treat because I don't even have a garden here in London! I also caught up with a few friendly faces, had my hair cut, went to a car boot sale and walked the dog on Dartmoor.

I like to travel light, so as well as packing one of my favourite slouchy jumpers to live in over the weekend, I also bought my new cloud print dress from MeeMee; I love the abstract print and the skater shape is really flattering to.

All of this recent sunny weather combined with the final countdown to Glastonbury has gotten me hungry for a summer wardrobe. I definitely need to get my hands on some more simple, pretty dresses like this to wear throughout the warmer months, and I also want some sandals, (to wear with socks obviously). As well as Glastonbury I also have a few short trips away within Europe planned, so I'd like some holiday pieces for those to. I've been browsing ASOS a lot and also the less-known online stores like, which is great when shopping on a budget!


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