Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Tucked away down a quaint North London street near Primrose Hill, Mary's living & giving shop could easily be overlooked with its modest store-front and old fashioned exterior. Actually, until I specifically sought out its location last Thursday, I must have walked past it at least ten times without even giving it a second glance!

Developed in 2009 by retail queen Mary Portas, Living & Giving is a unique charity concept which offers quality secondhand clothes and strives to be more than just your average charity shop - in stepping through the door it felt more like a homely boutique with its uncluttered layout, friendly atmosphere and thought-through decor. Dogs lay lounging in the warm sunlight, whilst customers browsed the rails or chatted to the volunteers as if old friends... there was a great community feel!

What's more, Living & Giving are very selective in the donations that they accept, only taking in the best quality secondhand goods and ensuring that it doesn't take you long to find a bargain, (I find this extremely helpful as I've never been a good rummager). Can't afford those Acne jeans you've always wanted or that Gucci dress you've been admiring from afar? Mary's living & giving is a great place to pick up desired labels or vintage pieces in excellent condition. They also sell designer handbags and designer shoes - and don't worry boys, they sell secondhand mens designer clothing to!

I proudly left with an adorable pair of high waisted, light denim Chloe shorts, which I paid just £30 for! I know that sounds expensive for a charity shop but hey, you get what you pay for, and I am totally smitten with my new shorts! Visit their website for more information about the organisation and check out where your nearest store is, (there are quite a few dotted about in London)!


  1. I usually watch all of Mary's shows with her inspiring projects, but somehow missed the charity shop one. It's such a great concept as I've always said "I wish there were charity shops that were less grannyish and more stylish!"
    I've just taken a look at their website and can't believe there's one in my hometown of Edinburgh and I didn't even know! Definitely gonna check it out soon! x


  2. Nice shop where I can see some good collection especially for ladies. I like the outfits pics in that post. Bella store is one of my favorites stores especially for women.


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