Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I was recently sent this adorable stripy top and skirt set by Dahlia - I'm not normally one for stripes but I love how graphic this is and I've been wanting to try the "matchy matchy" thing for ages! The fabric is lovely and thick so keeps its shape and creates a great silhouette, whilst wearing it I felt super happy and just wanted to twirl around in the sunshine!

Sorry if I've been quiet recently by the way, I moved house over the weekend so I've been moving, cleaning, unpacking, organising… that sort of thing… on top of this I have no data left on my phone and now no wifi in my new house! I really miss instagram :(



Tuesday, 20 May 2014


You may or may not have noticed a new banner appear on my blog recently --> Bird on a Wire Vintage are a new sponsor of Fashion your Seatbelts, (yay!), and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to them, just in case you hadn't stumbled across them on your own already that is! They sell a fab selection of affordable vintage, and they're London based, so that's pretty cool! Here I'm wearing a lovely heart blouse, which they kindly sent to me, I've matched it with a simple pair of denim shorts and my new sandals!


Sunday, 18 May 2014


I was recently told about the sportswear brand hummel and was also offered the chance to try out their new Stadil High trainers! I'm not majorly into sportswear as I don't really do any sporty activities, however from a fashion point of view I do love the sports luxe look and I also appreciate a good pair of stylish trainers, (practical and pretty - it's a win, win)! It was for this reason that I chose hummel's Stadil High design, because they looked so comfortable and I'm also in dire need of more colour in my wardrobe.

They didn't disappoint; they're really comfortable and make me feel like running around like a small child. I'm not sure how often I'll be rocking lime green but it's great to have that extra "pop" on my shoe rail and I'll definitely be wearing them on long, lazy summer walks!


Sunday, 11 May 2014


Here's just one more outfit from Norfolk - as the weather is so on and off and the moment it's good to carry a cosy jumper, (or a lightweight, waterproof jacket), around just in case it gets chilly or starts to rain! Here I'm wearing a H&M roll neck over a striped dress.... how pretty is this field of pink flowers!?


Saturday, 10 May 2014


When I was about sixteen I discovered Anna Sui Dolly Girl and have been dousing myself in it ever since. It's deliciously sweet and honestly, (to this day), the loveliest fragrance I've ever come by.... the only problem is that it discontinued about five years ago because that particular edition was "limited", I've therefore been buying it off of ebay ever since! I've been looking high and low for something to replace my beloved Anna in order to stop this ebay madness and last weekend whilst up in Norfolk I finally found a fragrance to match it!

.... Marc Jacobs Dot is perfect if you prefer a sweeter scent - I can't believe I'm silly enough to only just discover how great the Marc Jacobs fragrances are, duh.

Any way, enough about perfume, now for fashion! I was recently sent this cute little powder blue number by In Love with Fashion. It's such a different colour for me but I really wanted to try something fresh and more summery than my existing "autumnal all-year-around" wardrobe. I'm still not entirely sure I feel comfortable in pastel colours, (even though I do love to shoot them), but my Mum said that this dress was a really lovely colour on me.... and, well, Mothers know best!



Happy weekend everyone! Firstly, here's a photo of Matt and me walking through a field of flowers in Norfolk... pretty! Secondly, I have an exciting gift for you! I've teamed up with Mero Retro to offer you the chance to win £30 to spend on vintage goodies at their Clapton store or online! All you have to do to enter is like their Facebook page and follow them on twitter below - the winner will be chosen at random and announced in two weeks time, good luck! (This giveaway is open worldwide!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you fancy finding out more about Mero Retro and their team, head over to their website or check out their blog!

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Last weekend I visited Norfolk for the first time. I will get some more photos up for you soon cos it was super pretty, but for now here are some snaps of me, (in Norfolk), wearing my new JOA dress from Koshka! Admittedly I'd never actually heard of Koshka before, but they stock some amazing products by super cool brands so I'd definitely recommend checking out their site!

At first I wasn't sure about this dress on me; I love the overall style of it but as a rule I don't wear stripes and most of my clothes are quite loose whereas this is a little more fitted.... But after a day of walking around beautiful flower dappled Norfolk in it I'm completely smitten! It's actually a very flattering shape and the detail of the sleeves wrapped around the waist as well as the overlapping fabric at the back make it really interesting and unique. Also, it looks pretty cool worn in a variety of ways so you could always mix it up and do something different each time you wear it!

This is how it's designed to be worn, with the sleeves tied loosely around the waist; it actually has a bit of a Japanese feel I think. (It's a little nautical too).

Alternatively, it can be worn with the sleeves tied a little higher up - this has more of a cool, nineties vibe about it and is also quite flattering as it pulls in at the waist. I also tried it with the sleeves simply hanging down at each side, which is photographed below. I guess it looks pretty odd but I quite liked it anyway! Which way is your favourite?


Wednesday, 7 May 2014


As you already know, a couple of weekends ago I visited Devon for my Mum's birthday.... then I spent the following weekend in Norfolk, which I will catch you up on soon! (I'm having a terribly busy week with press days, house hunting and other various projects so am super behind on blogging my outfits, I'm sorry!)

Here are some photos of me holding my Mum's birthday flowers, which my Dad bought for her birthday - aren't they beautiful!? I'm wearing my comfy vintage shorts with a lovely new blouse by Sugarhill boutique, the sleeve length is great and how cool are these pleats on the back!? 

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