Friday, 29 August 2014


Yesterday Matt and I spent the afternoon in Camden, which is by far one of my favourite places in London to go out for food and cocktails, there's just so much choice! I tend to head straight for Jamestown road where The Diner is, (it's no secret that this is one of my preferred burger spots), but there's also a Byron along this road and further down there's a great cocktail bar called Fifty Five where they do delicious cocktails and there's a really friendly vibe; it's a great place to pop before a gig! (Back to burgers for a moment, there's also a great place called Haché on Inverness Street, which I highly recommend)!

On a sunny day when you fancy exploring though, there are loads of food stalls about the market and some pretty quirky shops to check out too. As for night life, I've never had a bad night out in Camden! There's a great, gritty pub on the corner called The World's End, it's literally filthy but it's huge, plays great music, (metal, if you're into that), and serves fruit cider, I'm happy. I also love heading to Barfly for their 60's club nights!

Any way on to the good stuff... With Autumn just around the corner one of my favourite British brands, Jigsaw, got in touch and asked me to style some of their new season range. Now, alongside tan tights and a comfortable cardigan, another wardrobe essential to get you through the transitional months is a good pair of boots - something to keep your feet dry but nothing too hot and heavy. These Pixie Chelsea boots from Jigsaw are absolutely perfect - they're really soft and light and I can't wait to start wearing them with black skinny jeans when the weather gets cooler!

As well as my gorgeous new boots I also asked to feature their Leather Mini Skirt, as I love mixing knitwear with interesting textures! A leather skirt, or jacket at that matter, adds a "rock and roll" twist to any outfit, which I think is a great look for winter! You can shop Jigsaw's Autumn range here.



Thursday, 28 August 2014


The last pair of dungarees I owned were a hideous lime green. I was seven-years-old, give or take, and my Mum had picked them up for me at a car boot sale... although I don't think I could pull of that sickly green colour anymore, I do rather like this classic denim style, which were found whilst rummaging in Beyond Retro's Cheshire Street store. Have you ever been? It's like a treasure cave, be sure to visit if ever in London! Any way, I think the key to a good pair of dungarees is size... the bigger the better! Oversized 'rees are cute, fun and flattering, just like big high waisted shorts - yup I've most certainly, (finally), joined the dungaree bandwagon.   



Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Don't you just love a long weekend? On Saturday I styled an editorial with my dream team, you can see a few behind the scenes snaps on instagram here, on Sunday I had a lazy day editing and sending work emails then yesterday I styled a menswear editorial for a Canadian magazine! It literally poured with rain for the entire day so, as you can imagine, we were absolutely drenched by 5pm! How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?



I'm sorry if I offend anyone by saying this, and what I'm about to say may come as a surprise, but in general I'm not an Alexa Chung fan. However, I was just scrolling through my Bloglovin feed when I came across the image shown above. The post title read, "Alexa Chung looks unrecognizable on POP Fall/Winter 2014 Cover". She does indeed look a little different to what we're used to but only because she's more bare-faced than I think I've ever seen her... she looks "different" because she's less made up and less retouched, and I personally admire this natural beauty far more than any generic, airbrushed representation of a person.

I particularly like the cover option below, mainly because blue is my favourite colour and it works really well here with the orange, but also because of its realness. Celebrities and models are retouched far too much these days, which not only creates a false, and completely unattainable may I add, ideal of beauty, but it's also unnecessary when these people are already so beautiful!

Rant over, happy Tuesday xx


Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Is it just me or has there recently been an influx of fab fashion brands coming out of Australia!? First The Fifth came across to Asos alongside the likes of Finders Keepers, and then I was introduced to the effortlessly cool label, JAGGAR. Perhaps I'm just unobservant, but anywho, I seriously want to move to Australia right now!

Clean, tailored and cool with a rock and roll edge, JAGGAR radiates that seemingly unattainable, (for me any way), "off-duty model" kinda look with a luxe twist. Here I'm wearing their leather Stork Embroidered Skirt. At first glance I seriously said out loud, "oh my gosh, that's mental", but then I tried it on... and now I don't want to take it off. Ever! Not only is the fit PERFECT, (I'd been looking for a well fitting leather skirt for at least a year), but it feels great and although it's a tad "out there" I'd say, in comparison to the rest of my wardrobe, I've fallen in love with it! I've also got my eye on this Daze Dress by JAGGAR too - so pretty!


Friday, 15 August 2014


Sorry I've been quiet recently; last week was my final week at work so for the past seven days I've been working as a freelancer, woohoo, and also trying to sort my life out! I had a fabulous two years at Boden, but felt like it was time to try something new... I'll let you know how it goes!

Yesterday I popped out and about in central London for a few press appointments and wore my new dress by The Fifth Label*. Pioneered by Australian designer Amy Hicks, The Fifth introduces a new way to wear relaxed basics with clean lines, fun prints and a nod to streetwear. What's great for us, is that the brand have recently launched in the UK selling through Asos, so you can now own your own piece of Australian style! Shop the range on Asos here or check out their website!    

Also new to my Autumn, (nearly), wardrobe are these fabulous Slip-on Trainers in Leopard Print. I fell in love with these whilst working on the Boden AW14 press day a while back, so I had to have them as soon as they hit the online store! Admittedly I'm not normally a leopard print fan, but I think these are super cool and I love the sporty edge they give an outfit! Shop Boden here!  



Monday, 11 August 2014


Let's all just take a moment to appreciate The Whitepepper's new Jersey Collection. If you haven't guessed already, I'm a huge fan of The Whitepepper and am massively excited each season to see what delights they have to offer! They recently brought out a Jersey Collection, that's right, an entire range dedicated to the soft, comfortable and fun fabric that is jersey! Here are some of my favourite pieces including the Dungarees because, well, they're super cute, and also the Metallic Jersey Smock Dress in Silver because it'll be so useful for those days when I just can't be bothered but still need to look like I've made an effort! Shop the full collection here.  

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