Thursday, 30 October 2014


On Monday Matt and I took a little research trip to the Barbican where they're currently holding the exhibition 'Constructing Worlds';

   "Constructing Worlds brings together eighteen exceptional photographers from the 1930s to the present day who have changed the way we view architecture and perceive the world around us.

From the first skyscrapers in New York and decaying colonial structures in the Congo, to the glamorous suburban homes of post-war California, and the modern towers of Venezuela, we invite you on a global journey through 20th and 21st century architecture.

Featuring over 250 works, this exhibition highlights the power of photography to reveal hidden truths in our society."

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the older works as opposed to the more modern photography; for me, the highlights were Stephen Shore's 70s work and I also really enjoyed the section about Thomas Struth who took some amazing architectural images in the 90s. I highly recommend checking it out if you're into photography and architecture, (it's on until 11th January). Also, what a perfectly fitting location for such an exhibition! The Barbican Centre resides right at the heart of the Barbican Estate, which is a fascinating, historical structure itself! Matt took a few snaps whilst we were there... we'd love to shoot there one day.    

After our Barbican adventure we walked to Haggertson through Shoreditch to pick up some samples. Sometimes it's so refreshing just to walk through London... I spend so much of my time on the tube underground and miss out on so many interesting things above! As it was quite a relaxed day I wore a loose t-shirt, a pair of old black jeans and my DMs. It actually wasn't quite cold enough for a jacket so I opted for a beanie and my gorgeous new cardigan from Warehouse* instead, which kept me warm enough. It's so soft and cosy, I can see it coming in handy this winter... if we ever have a winter that is! 



Monday, 27 October 2014


Yesterday morning, after a delightful extra hour of sleep, I enjoyed a relaxing morning of tea, fruit and fiber and morning television. I know it's really naughty but normally when I'm working I end up missing breakfast, so on lazy days it's so nice to make time for the first meal of the day! One of my favourite breakfast treats is avocado on toast with scrambled eggs... yum!

After lunch Matt and I went for a walk in the park to recce for an upcoming shoot and then we did a bit of shopping.... we mostly bought boring stuff like light bulbs and I got a new hairdryer but it was fun all the same. I wrapped up in my favourite green coat, which I picked up at a charity shop years ago, and my favourite scarf, but it was still bloody freezing! Under my autumn layers I wore my new paisley sleeveless shirt* from Best Days Vintage, which is vintage Banana Republic, a Topshop cardigan, mid-rise black skinny jeans and DMs.      


I was also recently sent this adorable phone case by Iconemesis. Despite getting my 5S about 8 months ago I hadn't actually bothered putting a case on it until now... maybe I was just waiting for the right case to come along! This bunny is seriously stylish. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014


For my birthday my boyfriend's lovely Mum bought me a pair of gorgeous checked trousers from Anthropologie! Unfortunately they were a little too big though so on my actual birthday I popped into town to treat myself to a smaller size or an exchange and whilst there I couldn't help but fall in love with the store... Have you been in the changing rooms in Anthropologie!? Not only are they super spacious, but they aren't lit to make you look as though you haven't slept for a few days and the seating area for willing friends/boyfriends/parents is pretty alright too!

After trying on about 10 different items I decided on this high neck textured dress by Ganni - you can't see so well in these photographs but it's actually got a beautiful blue stitched through the design too, which is really pretty. I also love its slouchy, soft shape, casual pockets and interesting neckline, (this cut of sleeve is something pretty new for me as I don't often like showing my arms off). What I have struggled with though is finding a jacket to wear with it as none of mine do it the justice it deserves. I think it would look great with a long duster style jacket, (I've had my eye on some Asos styles), but what else could I try pairing it with?         


This is what I wore to town on Thursday. Matt and I popped to the Photographer's gallery before heading to the Ports 1961 press day where we had two lovely models to showcase the collection for us! I loved the minimal designs and neutral palette - everything looked to clean and polished! The womenswear was so feminine and elegant but still had that boyish twist that I love and there was also something quite futuristic about their designs.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I was recently sent this cute denim dress by the Spanish brand Pepaloves. Over the past few years I feel like my style has moved on from the more girly, boutique look that I used to channel, I now much prefer a more simplistic, tomboyish silhouette. But sometimes I can't help but put on a really girly dress and feel "cute" again! I love the vivid blue colour and it's so comfortable because of the loose smock shape - here I rolled the sleeves up and wore it with my DMs and PU leather sleeve jacket, just to grunge it up a bit!  


Monday, 13 October 2014


Last Wednesday my friend Sarah and I met from work and headed central for a beauty event hosted by St Ives. Held in a charming little place called the Daisy Green Food Cafe, we arrived drenched from the rain and were treated to an evening of healthy canapés, delicious drinks, DIY and expert advice. The highlight of my night was probably making my own avocado, honey and coconut face mask whilst sipping on a tasty apricot smoothie.

I recommend giving this DIY face mask a go by the way; simply mash together a teaspoon of avocado with a teaspoon of honey and, yes that's right, a teaspoon of coconut oil. Avocado browns rather quickly so it's best to use it in the same day, but just rub it all over your face, (not in the eyes!), and leave for about 15 minites before washing it off. It smells delicious and will leave your face feeling silky soft!

It was a lovely evening and I liked how everything revolved around health and beauty, particularly as I'm actually making a conscious effort to lead a healthier lifestyle at the moment. St Ives very generously gave us all a goody bag at the end of the night too, so I now have a new selection of lovely smelling face scrubs and lip balms to try, yippee!


Friday, 10 October 2014


As many of you already know, I recently left my full time job and decided to go freelance as a stylist/styling assistant. This means that I now spend a lot of time running around London with bagfuls of samples or crouched down on my knees tying model's shoelaces... it took no time at all to work out that my wardrobe isn't particularly "stylist friendly". I'm in desperate need of more pairs of practical trousers, trainers and plain t-shirts and have come to the conclusion that simplicity and practicality are key, alongside comfort of course.

Footwear. Reliable shoes are so important when you're going to be on your feet all day. I tend to live in my knackered old Dr Martens because they're comfortable, kinda waterproof, and I can't really trash them any more than I already have whilst bent down in awkward positions or carrying heavy equipment. My wonderful boyfriend Matt bought me a new pair in cherry red for my birthday so i'll probably switch to wearing those soon. What I don't have however is a comfy pair of trainers, which are great for running around in! I've seen a lot of creatives wearing Converse and I wouldn't mind a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths because they'd be waterproof too!

Now that its a little cooler, stretchy skinny jeans are probably my go to item cos I love how they look with oversized, slouchy shirts and jumpers. I have an old pair that I've been wearing for years but I'd love some from the Urban Outfitters range cos they have great high waisted styles. I'm also desperate for a bag to keep my styling kit in; at the moment everything is just rattling around at the bottom of my handbag! I've seen a lot of Kanken bags around and am thinking of getting one of the classic designs in navy or ox red to use for my styling kit. I'm going to buy a Nicce lightweight jacket to keep in there too so I always have a waterproof jacket with me!

Do you have any favourite items of clothing that you like to wear or need to wear for work?

Friday, 3 October 2014


Last Friday I had my 24th birthday, (woah). I spent the day with my gorgeous boyfriend and my beautiful Mum who traveled all the way up from Devon to see me. In the morning I opened all of my presents whilst drinking tea and eating cake, (obviously), and guess what... MATT IS TAKING ME TO COPENHAGEN IN DECEMBER! I've already been writing notes in my little Copenhagen guide about where I want to go and what I want to do! Has anyone else been? Is it as fabulous as I imagine?

We had planned to go to a few exhibitions in the afternoon but shopping got in the way so I ended up with a beautiful grey dress from Anthropolgie instead, I can't wait to show it to you! After a few tiring hours of shopping we went to Haché in Shoreditch for a delicious burger. I love burgers, they're such a treat! 

The following evening I went out with friends to the fabulous Dark Circus Party, which is an event organised by Bourne & Hollingsworth. The next one is on October 25th, if you're London based I highly recommend it as a special night out, it's literally out of this world. I wore my gorgeous Halston Heritage dress with shoes from The Whitepepper and fun sock suspenders! I really want to go to one of their Blitz parties soon too, the next one is on November 8th and you can buy tickets here!  



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